Comments - Peugeot Amps Up RCZ for Paris

Published: Sep 12, 2012
Description: If you've been to Europe recently, you may have noticed something sleek passing by and wondered what it is. It was probably the RCZ, Peugeot's take on the Audi TT. The RCZ has only been on t...
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Matt Piccolo Sep 12, 2012
I've always liked these! This is even better
Valentin Miu Sep 12, 2012
Well I must say it looks great on the outside.. Of course the interior is a crappy french design with 98 buttons hard to find and cramped on a busy dashboard! German cars rulz!!
Tyler Ghormley Sep 12, 2012
Same color scheme as the onyx?
Description: Developed in collaboration with Peugeot Sport - the same division that ran the company's front-running Le Mans Prototype team until canceling the program recently - the RCZ R features a returned ...
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Cory Deines Sep 14, 2012
260bhp from a 1.6 turbo? That's pretty amazing considering GTI's only get 201bhp (stock of course) from a 2 liter.
Description: Other versions of the facelifted RCZ come in 154 and 197-horsepower gasoline engines and a 161hp turbodiesel, and benefit from a reshaped grille, LED lamps front and rear, new paint options and a revi...
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Darian Vorlick Sep 13, 2012
Bring it to the us pls
Matt Piccolo Sep 12, 2012
( it's not a bad thing) but I see tt