Description: Of all the automakers making crossovers, Nissan is arguably a leader among them, with a line-up including the Juke, Rogue, Murano, X-Trail and the new Pathfinder as well as several truck-based SUVs, a...
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Edgar Jauregui Sep 12, 2012
Nope there is an Xtrail crossover just not in the U.S.
Matty Michaels Sep 12, 2012
X-Trail? You mean Xterra?
Rocky Rocker Sep 12, 2012
And here I thought the Juke was different. This however, looks like a very early model Volvo...just doesn't work for me
Dale Schroeder Sep 12, 2012
I've noticed an odd trend lately where SUV designs try to make the underside between the wheels look really narrow. Are they intentionally trying to make these vehicles look anorexic?
Gabriel Ramirez Sep 12, 2012
Personally don't think it looks like an evoque at all. Different rooflines and size, height, front, etc. that being said, it's a good looking concept. I actually really like it (not as much as the evoque though aha)
Clay Williams Sep 12, 2012
If he sees evoke that's his opinion, No need to jump to personal attacks, no matter how wrong that opinion is.
Michael Gallagher Sep 12, 2012
Alex is an ignorant person. Moving on, thinking it looks pretty good. No way the final production would be anything like that but I think it's a step in a good direction
Jordan Jackson Sep 12, 2012
I think it looks more like a mix between the pathfinder and juke(which would make a lot of sense)
Alex O'Brian Sep 12, 2012
Trying to copy the evoqe .. Lazy asians
Description: Powred by a hydrogen fuel cell, the concept crossover is Nissan's vision for a versatile, zero-emissions urban vehicle. An electric motor on each axle channels the fuel-cell's power to all f...
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Matt Piccolo Sep 12, 2012
Not sure if I like it... I'll have to wait too see the real thing
Taylor Garry Sep 12, 2012
Sound like a bunch of 5 year olds when you talk about copying other cars. But i don't know maybe there are 5 year olds here
Clay Williams Sep 12, 2012
The tail lights are just a squished version of the lights Nissan has had on several of its cars for the past five years or so. But still to round.
David Pires-Ihsaan Sep 12, 2012
Looks like a juke/murano on methamphetamine...
Mark Hammer Sep 12, 2012
Uh, no... It is an evolution of their current tail light design language.
Peter Aquilina Sep 12, 2012
rear tail lights copied from peugeot's concepts
Shelby Cassandra Sep 12, 2012
My mustang looks much more comfortable than this.
Justin Mancuso Sep 12, 2012
It looks roomy,but it doesn't look very comfortable.
Josh Knight Sep 12, 2012
Seats are so low your Knees would punch you in the face
Jordan Smith Sep 13, 2012
Justin, you do realize its china that's famous for knock-offs?
Ty Piper Sep 12, 2012
steering wheel looks almost centered lol
Justin Mancuso Sep 12, 2012
Its made in Japan so it's probably a nock off tablet
Michael Gallagher Sep 12, 2012
Look, people who criticize something obvious and try not to build upon it. Lazy.
Ahmed Barrasali Sep 12, 2012
HaHa, imagine we can turn the can on by our iPads. you dont need a key any more.... what a solution
Clay Williams Sep 12, 2012
Oh look an iPad... That's lazy.
Daniel Eads Sep 12, 2012
It's a concept...
Clay Williams Sep 12, 2012
So turn signals, wind shield wipers, turn signals, cruse control, and lights all on that thing.