Nissan to Present TeRRA Electric Crossover Concept in Paris

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Concept SUV packs a hydrogen fuel cell for zero-emissions urban mobility in a stylish, muscular new design.
Of all the automakers making crossovers, Nissan is arguably a leader among them, with a line-up including the Juke, Rogue, Murano, X-Trail and the new Pathfinder as well as several truck-based SUVs, and more under the Infiniti name. So it comes as little surprise that the Japanese automaker's big debut for the fast-approaching Paris show is a crossover. Called the TeRRA, the concept blends Nissan's expertise in crossovers with its experience building the Leaf and other EVs.
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Powred by a hydrogen fuel cell, the concept crossover is Nissan's vision for a versatile, zero-emissions urban vehicle. An electric motor on each axle channels the fuel-cell's power to all four wheels. Exterior styling looks like a a higher-riding, even more futuristic take on the Leaf that Nissan characterizes as "Modern Toughness". The more refined interior incorporates light wood and textiles over individual bucket seats and a removable tablet that not only controls the vehicle's operation but acts as its key. We're not sure how easily it would fit in a pocket, though.