Comments - Mercedes SLS AMG E-Cell Spotted Sans Camo

Published: Sep 12, 2012
Description: Mercedes-Benz is ramping up the testing of the new SLS AMG E-Cell with some preliminary testing on the roads of Germany. The production version of the electric concept may look like the "standard...
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darrellbell24 Sep 12, 2012
@nick so they should put that into a new S class....not a $230,000 super car
Shelby Cassandra Sep 12, 2012
Any idea on the approximate pricing on one of these?
John Serely Sep 12, 2012
I like the idea of preformance EVs, and I love this car. But, I would rather see Mercedes have a separate supercar, not just a EV option/trim level. Even the same car with new bodywork.
Nicolas Pons Sep 12, 2012
No i thought the idea was pure refinement, hence the most powerful naturally aspirated v8 in the world
Emil Creed Kleijsen Sep 12, 2012
Let me just begin by saying that I'm not opposed to the idea of EVs, I welcome them, but doesn't the E-Cell kinda eliminate the reason for owning the SLS, since it is kinda just a loud "look at me" kind of car, It's supposed to be loud IMO
Description: The model captured here has two characteristics that separate it from its conventionally-powered counterpart, namely the lack of any exhaust pipes and the lack of sound reported by our intrepid spy ph...
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Mkenya Halisi Sep 12, 2012
How long does one charge take Carbuzz?
Mkenya Halisi Sep 14, 2012
I can definitely see the confusion, but this isnt one.
Justin Mancuso Sep 12, 2012
Looks like an sls to me
David Eslava Sep 12, 2012
No exhaus pipes and e-cell badging kind of say it all
John Serely Sep 12, 2012
Read the article, brook. It has certain cues that tell that it is not a reg sls
Brooks Reilly Sep 12, 2012
What if this was just somebody driving a regular SLS?
Jordan Jackson Sep 12, 2012
It pops out at a certain speed, they probably deployed it manually for testing on this one tho
Nicolas Pons Sep 12, 2012
I don't remember tht spoiler...
David Liow Sep 12, 2012
Look ma! No pipes!