Comments - Car-Washing Tips from Playboy Bunny

Published: Sep 12, 2012
Description: Our favorite Playboy bunny Irina Olhovskaya has once again brightened up our day with this latest installment in her Blonddrive series, combining the two things we love best: girls and cars. This week...
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John Serely Sep 12, 2012
It is a normal conti! Not SS!
omarSV Sep 12, 2012
2:36 "this is a Bentley Supersport" its not, its a regular Continental
Description: Naturally her "educational" video is presented while wearing nothing more than a two-piece bikini and tight denim shorts, but that's just how this girl rolls. You can take the girl out ...
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Jacob Shumway Sep 13, 2012
Get this nasty Russian off of here!
Chinawat Kanokwattanawan Sep 12, 2012
She's not that bad, beside all of you will never got a chance to tab that!
Irish Sep 12, 2012
Aaagh to thin, no curves, no arse and no brains.
Tyler Ghormley Sep 12, 2012
Uhhh huh yeah shes a dumb blonde like most because its not a supersport its a continental GT...
Chris Gaines Sep 12, 2012
did anyone else see the sign that looked like tits?
Ahmed Barrasali Sep 12, 2012
Don't use old sponge when you wash your beloved car.... remember that.
Ryan Patrick Clauson Sep 12, 2012
This chick pissesme off
Vincent R Butler Sep 12, 2012
What's up with chick, she's not even that Fine. No ass No Titties. Her face blah. Without makeup she's WACK.
Brian Micinski Sep 13, 2012
Most don't think she's super attractive bc she looks so fake. Most guys now a days believe it or not dont like that. Fake blonde hair, fake boobs, and so much makeup it's stupid. My gf has a nicer figure. Her boobs may be smaller but their real!
Das Stig Sep 13, 2012
we really are coming off as asses and I would like to apologize for that. but, that's just how we are. and I really don't think you or anyone will be able to figure out if someone actually is a douche in real life or not.
Colby Church Sep 13, 2012
@Shelby Yes we can be asses, but she's not that attractive for a bunny, and even though I'm currently single, I will confidently say that many of my exes are prettier than her and have nicer bodies. However, this girl could very well be
Ty Piper Sep 13, 2012
I wouldnt be sad to wake up to her lol
Tim Preisinger Sep 13, 2012
Women are much more judgmental then men. Men are also more honest with what they say. However, if your a guy and you think this chick is "average" your taste either sucks or your just being cocky
Ty Piper Sep 12, 2012
you talkin to her or me? I assume her but just checking
Patrick Schalk Sep 12, 2012
So what does that make the women? BTW she subjected herself to criticism by taking this path.
Ty Piper Sep 12, 2012
men are honest lol if you take that as judgemental then so be it
Shelby Cassandra Sep 12, 2012
Alright Patrick. Then men are just asses.
Patrick Schalk Sep 12, 2012
Girls are the most judgmental creature on this planet Shelby.
Das Stig Sep 12, 2012
haha, and girls aren't? they just don't verbalize it like guys do.
Erik Scherer Sep 12, 2012
She is definatly pretty!
Scott Harrington Sep 12, 2012
If you look at some old playboy pics she is very good looking. And not piled waist high in makeup
Oscar Galvan Sep 12, 2012
Thank you Shelby!
Shelby Cassandra Sep 12, 2012
I bet she's prettier than any of your girlfriends. Not smarter, but definitely prettier. Boys are so judgmental that it's ridiculous.
Das Stig Sep 12, 2012
theres possibly some executive somewhere that she banged and got this stupid show. seriously, I don't know how she was ever a bunny.
Aaron Sparks Sep 12, 2012
This chick is a 5 at best.