Comments - Matt Farah Takes 1,100hp Switzer GT-R for a Spin

Published: Sep 11, 2012
Description: With supercar-trouncing performance and some of the most cutting-edge tech on the street, most would call the Nissan GT-R more than enough. Not the boys at Switzer Performance, though. The tuner from ...
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Jared Michael Scalla Sep 12, 2012
It amazing they get all that outta a v6
Ali Alasmari Sep 11, 2012
This is what i'm talking about yeah Can u belief that 1100 Hp no way awesome
Description: The result, as you may expect, is one wild ride. The only downside Farah notes in the Switzer package is the $86,000 it adds to the list price.
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John Serely Sep 13, 2012
@henz just because it can fit 2 little kids in the back seat doesn't make it practical...
Colby Church Sep 13, 2012
@Matt I agree with Paul. I'll buy a Z06 for 80k, then dump 50k in performance parts all around, and embarrass this GTR in a straight line and around a road course. Or just buy a 20k used 03 Z06, invest 30k, and kill with over 1300hp all day long.
Jacob Mullner Sep 12, 2012
Paul, by no means was I saying anything about American cars being inferior. Certainly not true. I hate that nonsense too. I misinterpreted your comment about the $87k as dumping it into any ordinary car
Paul Dickey Sep 12, 2012
Jacob think if I dumped 86k into a Porsche. Or the new viper. Or a zo6 or zr1. And if its 86k I'm sure the fit and finish will be just as good as this kit. And don't try and pull the American cars are unreliable bull.
Jacob Mullner Sep 12, 2012
Geez, I stand corrected on my first comment. The pronunciation he uses is right. Long I sound. My uncle just failed to say it correctly when I met the "swytzers"
Jacob Mullner Sep 12, 2012
And Paul, yeah I'm sure you could make a car fast if you had $86k to spend on it but what makes their cars so special is the fit & finish of the upgrades/internals and reliability to go along with it so you can punish them day in, day out
Jacob Mullner Sep 12, 2012
It bothers me why he says the name like "swite-zer"....I've been to their shop and spoken to Neal and I remembered being introduced to him as "Switzer" like Switzerland
Aaron Sparks Sep 12, 2012
Wow what kind of person would complain about the price of this car? It's a bargain by any measure. Someone show me a cheaper car with anything near those numbers. Let me save you some time... You won't find one.
Paul Dickey Sep 11, 2012
That's cool and everything but if I dumped 87k into any car I could make it fast.
Jason Lopez Sep 11, 2012
That is amazing car...
Mladen Sakotic Sep 11, 2012
No Stalin you are an idiot. This car is awesome
Stalin Hit Sep 11, 2012
This guys an idiot
Henz Herrero Sep 11, 2012
You are all forgetting this is a 4 seater.. Practicality with insane power sounds really good..
Jetnor Gjikokaj Sep 11, 2012
This is craaaaaazyyy!!
Josh Negron Sep 11, 2012
And it's 962whp on race gas (not ethanol). And 889whp on pump (not 800). Brah
Johnny Francis Sep 11, 2012
Holy shit that's intense
Josh Negron Sep 11, 2012
Really dude? 1100 to 960=Only 12% drivetrain loss. That is incredible for an AWD car, brah. And before you smart off more and say it's 27% loss on pump gas--remember, crank hp will be less on pump gas, resulting in probably about the same %-age.
Matt Piccolo Sep 11, 2012
@ 200k this will destroy ANYTHING
Jason Watkins Sep 11, 2012
Not many cars at that price with that kind of performance
Dillon Dixon Sep 11, 2012
This is a pretty insane car, and I respect what it can do. But I still don't like the GTR. Maybe it's the reason it was built, I don't know. No matter how much power it packs, it just doesn't seem like its a monster like it should.
Tyler Tarbox Sep 11, 2012
Way to expensive. Makes it almost a $200k car in total with this package
William Downs Sep 12, 2012
I love the looks but the R34 still ownes my heart
Taylor Garry Sep 11, 2012
Love the look of the lights in this pic. But seriously, matte paint on cars is just like the way rockstar rims were on lifted trucks. Its just old
Don Cordero Sep 13, 2012
You guys should remake the 1999 Nissan skyline GTR with a new design and performance