Comments - Kubica Triumphs in Rally Return

Published: Sep 11, 2012
Description: Professional racers are used to driving on a knife's edge, but a serious crash can really shake a man up. Just ask Felipe Massa, for example. In 2008 he narrowly missed out on winning the F1 cham...
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Description: In 2007 he suffered an enormous high-speed crash at the Canadian Grand Prix, but the following year he came back to win the very same race. Unfazed. The recovery has taken a little longer from his las...
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Nick Sti Sep 11, 2012
The exhaust sounds from flat 4's and 6's are intoxicating <3
Sam Oglesby Sep 11, 2012
It's nice to see kubica back in the driving seat again
Description: The crash took place during the Ronde di Andora rally in Italy in February of last year while Kubica was trying his hand at rallying in the off-season. A roadside guardrail impaled his car and partial...
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Description: At another rally, in Italy no less. The Ronde Gomitolo di Lana tarmac rally this past weekend marked the first time Kubica had competed in a professional motorsport event in 18 months. So how did he d...
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Sam Oglesby Sep 11, 2012
He really is awsome and the sooner he's in an f1 car the better
Rod Grosvenor Jan 14, 2013
What a ride! I wish my '92 Turbo wagon was as fast!
Matt Piccolo Sep 11, 2012
This looks sick! Love it!
Nick Sti Sep 11, 2012
STI's are so fun, especially for the money. Love it
Nathan Geiter Sep 11, 2012
This is why, some day, I will own a Subaru impreza wrx. Or an STi of course!