Comments - Honda Offers Civic WTCC Edition

Published: Sep 11, 2012
Description: Honda is big into racing. The Japanese automaker competes in numerous forms of motorsport around the world, from IndyCars to Superbikes, Le Mans prototypes to Baja off-road racing and from Super GT (w...
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Description: The Honda Civic 2.2 i-DTEC WTCC packs a 2.2-liter turbo four with 150 horsepower, a six-speed manual transmission, KW suspension, 17-inch powder-coated OZ Racing Superturismo wheels and, as you can se...
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Darian Vorlick Sep 13, 2012
Do my eyes deceive me? A factory turbo Civic?
Kevin Blockley Sep 12, 2012
It's a diesel! Folks,
Dan Rather Sep 11, 2012
This is pretty cool looks like a good competitor to the Volkswagen GTD.
Anthony Calderaro Sep 11, 2012
Woww if it was a little cheaper I'd say buy it and turn that turbo up! I have a Civic hatch that is a 2L N/A and it has more power than this
Tara Fitria Sep 11, 2012
David I think you have the horsepower confused with torque regarding a diesel engine. Usually significantly lower horsepower compared to the torque the the engine produces.
David Guerrero Sep 11, 2012
It is tuned down for racing specs. My civic Si packs 200hp and is a 2.0 natural 4. Diesel allow for more hp. A diesel 2.2 turbo 4 should have about 250-280 hp
Tara Fitria Sep 11, 2012
What it doesn't tell you is the engine makes 258 lb ft of torque.
Tara Fitria Sep 11, 2012
Joe on the next page says its a diesel, that could explain it.
Tara Fitria Sep 11, 2012
Yeah something isn't right or it's horribly detuned or inefficient, or both.
David Parenti Sep 11, 2012
2.2L turbo and only packing 150hp?
Matty Michaels Sep 11, 2012
Soooo Honda's offering a ricer straight from the factory?
Joe Lamouk Sep 11, 2012
Sad that it's a diesel.