Comments - Ferrari Caught Testing New Enzo on Maranello Streets

Published: Sep 11, 2012
Description: Ferrari is looking to captivate the Paris Motor Show with a new Enzo-replacing hybrid supercar currently known only as the F70. The new model has just been spotted again on the roads, this time just o...
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Zach Sullivan Sep 13, 2012
the enzo got its name in honor of enzo ferrari it is the f60 but it was a tribute to enzo ferrari that's y its called that but I don't no if they will now badge all of the f cars as enzo from now or if normal service will resume and they just call it the f70
Zack Hickman Sep 12, 2012
Maybe not actually but that's what I thought it qas
Zack Hickman Sep 12, 2012
Yeah. It's the Enzo. F60 is just the generation. But the name of the car is the Enzo
Jackson Michael Sep 11, 2012
Because I'm pretty sure it's officially the Ferrari F60 Enzo Ferrari
Ashen Fonseka Sep 11, 2012
Why do people call it the Enzo it's not it's the f 60
Thibault Leroy Sep 11, 2012
Nice happy to see they brought the butterfly doors back
Zachary Maurer Sep 11, 2012
Bad luck Brian- sees replacement Enzo-driver covers it up
Jimmy Janik Sep 11, 2012
Love the dude at the end!
Corey Alan Kelley Sep 11, 2012
Those guys look all ticked "WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE LOOKING AT MY CAR!?!"
Description: The supercar prototype captured on film by Speedspot is still wearing its egregious whale-mouthed camouflage, however the sides, mirrors and air scoops are all more visible now. The successor to the m...
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Das Stig Sep 12, 2012
they've already got 1 awd car. they don't need another.
Ty Piper Sep 12, 2012
did someone suggest an awd flagship Ferrari?.... God, please smite him.
Ben August Sep 12, 2012
I would love to see a 1-ton, 900hp Ferrari. Though fast, the last ferraris (f50 &f60) have lacked substantial innovation. A sub-ton near 1000hp Ferrari, however, would be a true and fitting homage to the F40 and it's game Changing innovation.
Dennis Choong Sep 11, 2012
I doubt it weighs less than a ton. Thought I read somewhere it's about 1250kg... which would have been very impressive
Kyle Kloewer Sep 11, 2012
Should be called F70. However, the F40 was the best
Thibault Leroy Sep 11, 2012
Wait the whole car will weigh less than 1000kg?
Jordan Smith Sep 11, 2012
I agree with Mr. Stig. It should be called nothing but F70.
Dan Ruth Sep 11, 2012
900hp on a 2200lb body, thats insane, they better have some good traction control for this bad boy, or maybe awd. You would need to be the stig to drive it without crashing.
Das Stig Sep 11, 2012
f70 isn't a "code" name. it's the technical name. that's what it should be called. the f40, f50, f60 which was called enzo because he recently died and they were proud of it so they named it after him. hopefully the f70 will be called the f70 like its supposed to be.
Yatish Wentink Sep 11, 2012
This F70 may likely be called different, F70 is just a codename for this car. I'm really exited to see this car after it's unveiling
Loren Salushi Sep 11, 2012
yes the f60 was the enzo
Jordan Jackson Sep 11, 2012
Or was that technically the Enzo?
Jordan Jackson Sep 11, 2012
Umm, don't mean to be nit picky, but what about F60?
Theviper007 Sep 12, 2012
Best ferrari i ever seen
Jackson Michael Sep 12, 2012
John its most likely a fake back end so the full car isn't revealed
John Jenkins Sep 11, 2012
back end doesn't look to complete anyways
Jon Ashley Sep 11, 2012
The whole body design is so low to the ground. You don't even need to know that its an F70 to realize that its something really special. Can't wait to see the styling...
Dillon Magee Sep 11, 2012
I cannot wait for this to be revealed.
Thibault Leroy Sep 11, 2012
Im pretty sure the emplacement of the exhaust is real but the lights and that bumper are surely gonna change
Michael Kozlowski Sep 11, 2012
So you wanted fake exhaust tips?lol
Ahmed Barrasali Sep 11, 2012
i don't think these are the final touches, Ferrari will surprise us with totally different rear end.
Zaire Wilkins Sep 11, 2012
dam i wanted the exhaust to be set up the IS-F
Dillon Dixon Sep 11, 2012
That is one wide booty! I'm actually kinda excited for the unveiling of the car.
Jackson Michael Sep 11, 2012
Whatever Elijah said is just stupid
Jon Ashley Sep 11, 2012
I've seen much better more recent renderings than this. This thing is going to give me nightmares.
Elijah Chet Roseberry Sep 11, 2012
Why didn't they make this model in replacement of the 458 and make the 458 the new Enzo?! That 458 with 900hp would be killer
Elijah Chet Roseberry Sep 11, 2012
It's not so bad from the doors back but the nose of it is absolutely horrible.8
Kyle Kloewer Sep 11, 2012
That's all wrong. Looks like a fake Chinese 458
Barry Boo Wilson Sep 11, 2012
Ya these photos need to go.
Reid Huff Sep 11, 2012
Why do they keep posting these photos? We can tell it doesn't look like this.
Ben Mossing Sep 11, 2012
Completely disgusting
Erik Rudolph Sep 11, 2012
I hope it doesn't look like this
Mkenya Halisi Sep 12, 2012
That front overhang is definitely too long
SuperTrofeo Sep 12, 2012
@nick: from this angle is looks good because you can only see the side, which isn't ugly
Nick Sti Sep 12, 2012
Think about it.... Huayra. Anyone think this is it with ferrari badges?
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Sep 12, 2012
Me too cause of that center spine feature
Billy Hartman Sep 12, 2012
i kinda can see a bit of huayra in this
Thibault Leroy Sep 11, 2012
I think it would be pretty cool if it had quad exhausts like that
Andrew Hossann Sep 11, 2012
This was something someone imagined the Enzo to look like before the real Enzo was seen
Jon Wheel Sep 11, 2012
Where do they get this from? The exhaust obviously isn't like that.