Comments - Bugatti Veyron Super Sport Pur Blanc Edition

Published: Sep 11, 2012
Description: Few cars are quite as special as a Bugatti Veyron, but some Veyrons are more special than others. The latest to surface is the Pur Blanc edition, which takes its name from the French for "pure wh...
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Corey Mullis Sep 12, 2012
@John, there are currently no more than 50 zondas in existence, so yeah they can make all the special editions they want
Cody Fullerton Sep 12, 2012
I didn't know Pagani bought Bugatti...
Curtis Glass Sep 11, 2012
My brother in law just sent this link to me... I just took a trip with the with to San Fran and drove down the coast to LA. We saw these Bugatti's!! They were parked on the side of the road with an awesome yellow Ferari and a Mercedes AMG...then later we followed them as they drove through Beverly Hills! Pretty cool...
Christopher Alex Mohamed Sep 11, 2012
Correction! Tires need replacing every 4,000 Km's or 2,500 miles. Double ouch!
Christopher Alex Mohamed Sep 11, 2012
Bug-atti may loose money on every car sell but they sure make it all back and lots more with service/maintenance charges. $300,000 yearly cost on maintenance. $30,000 for a set of tires which need replacing ever 4000 miles. Ouch!
Stephen Wood Sep 11, 2012
I agree with Jordan, as insanely expensive the veyron is, the veyron provides an experience unlike any other. I think it says something about bugatti that they continue to make it even tho they lose money when they sell them.
Jason Bartlett Sep 11, 2012
Is anyone else sick of hearing about the (veyron) oooooooaahhhhhhhh. The worlds most expensive and fastest ugly mobile.
Jordan Smith Sep 11, 2012
Why do people want Bugatti to make an "affordable" sports car? That's not what Bugatti is about. They're about making insane cars because they can.
Thibault Leroy Sep 11, 2012
You can say all you want about the veyron getting old but most special editions are only one offs.
Thibault Leroy Sep 11, 2012
Theyve made 20 special editions in 7 years but for some reason when pagani comes out with its billionth zonda no one complains. You guys are just jealous that after all those years the veyron is still faster than your favorite car.
John Serely Sep 11, 2012
@corey "they could have gotten that power without four turbos" what? They have a 4T W16 for a reason. It is a smooth GT car that they built to be fairly reliable.
Corey Mullis Sep 11, 2012
i agree i am a little tired of hearing about a special veyron every week. and i know im not the first to say this but they could have gotten that horsepower without FOUR turbos. C'mon its two V8's bolted together. im just tired of the whole Bugatti thing.
Preston Ming Sep 11, 2012
how bout an entry level coupe that isn't 1+ million? something where they don't lose money on every car they make.
Preston Ming Sep 11, 2012
I have to agree that this is getting a little overdone now..two tone paint, look special edition! negative, just a two tone paint job. How bout updates on their sedan or a replacement for the Veyron? or if they are interested in the crossover market?
Kie Morris Sep 11, 2012
*Daniele sing* if 267mph in a straight line gets your attention then maybe you should take up trainspottin instead where they got trains that can travle 300mph in a straight line
Kie Morris Sep 11, 2012
Same old dame old why not try making the car handle better instead of changing the colour and making out its something new.. Maybe then it might be 1st on the Top Gear test track rather then 6th and the original 15th (non super sport)
Kie Morris Sep 11, 2012
Same old same old.. Why not make the car handle better instead of changing the colour and mak
Kyle Janchenko Sep 11, 2012
There's some different body panels, too... I agree there are many similar articles, but I'd rather read about this than another suv with a body kit, led running lights, and an ecu remap... To each his own, I suppose
Daniele Sing Sep 11, 2012
267mph deserves attention
Description: The Pur Blanc follows such one-offs as the Pur Sang, Sang Noir, Sang Blanc and L'Or Blanc editions. It was both spotted on the streets of LA and photographed (alongside an "ordinary" Ve...
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Thibault Leroy Sep 12, 2012
The veyron has been my favorite car since it came out. I agree there can be some peopme like that but not me i have always loved this car and even older Bugattis
Zeus Mocha Sep 12, 2012
and still have luxury as a factor. For me if this car gets dethroned as top speed monster, it wouldn't really matter. Still would stay at all time favorites. But not saying that your speaking to me specifically. There are those people.
Zeus Mocha Sep 12, 2012
You see that may be true for some people (which I don't believe is wrong) but at least for me it's because it is an engineering marvel. Tell me how many other cars have a quad turbo and two V8's for an engine, that achieve top speed with that weight
Ty Piper Sep 12, 2012
people who love veyrons are also the people who say that their favorite NFL team is whichever team most recently won the super bowl.... veyrons are the obvious choice for a favorite car and because of that they aren't cool.
Zeus Mocha Sep 12, 2012
Well you have to agree it's old but I disagree on what they say about the wow factor. It's just awesome and you just have to read every article.
Thomas Messina Sep 11, 2012
I like it too but if the hood was black to, it would set it over the top
Cole Staples Sep 11, 2012
Ikr! Beautiful car!!! I don't care what any other person says!
Thibault Leroy Sep 11, 2012
Its funny how every one hates on the veyron on the first page after reading the title but on the video they realize that the car looks nice so no comment?
Zach Sullivan Sep 11, 2012
I have friends that no what this is to especially my vw friends they love to bring this up anytime we get into a euro vs. jdm debate but I was refering to none car ppl but I guess u answered my question
Zach Sullivan Sep 11, 2012
what I wonder is how many people actually no what this car is most people I talk (none gearheads) have never herd of bugatti
MissLaura Anne Sep 11, 2012
The new body reminds me of an Audi R8
Judah Lindvall Sep 11, 2012
Especially the black and white
Judah Lindvall Sep 11, 2012
I don't usually like Veyrons but these?… wow
Andrew Hubbard Sep 11, 2012
The guy who owns the SS also owns the Agera R and the Bug in this photo too. BC is very lucky.
Shawn Sullivan Sep 11, 2012
That's why I like living where I do. No chance of ever seeing one of these on the streets, ever! No flipping for me!
Das Stig Sep 11, 2012
I would flip if I saw these two driving down the street. I've only seen one veyron before.
Supercar5180 Sep 15, 2012
that's a cool looking super sport
Edison Yan Sep 12, 2012
I thought it was somewhere in Europe.
Hemmo Karja Sep 12, 2012
How the hell did it take so long to make a good looking veyron?! I usually hate the looks of bugattis but these two are da bomb
Kaigan Viner Sep 11, 2012
The left one is the best looking Veyron I have ever seen
Jesus Alberto Lopez Sep 11, 2012
I enjoy the left's headlights it suits my style B)
Kyle Kloewer Sep 11, 2012
I agree. It's hard to decide but I kinda like the one in the right a little more. Idk.
Adam Wieland Sep 11, 2012
Those headlights are killer
Judah Lindvall Sep 11, 2012
Now I see that a Bugatti can really look good. Take this and crispen some of the lines and u would have one hot redesign!!!
Paul Pickard Sep 11, 2012
I can finally say after all the years in production that I like the way a veyron looks.
Timothy Hooker Sep 11, 2012
ooo the one the on the left is sick. I love how the color scheme makes the back look like a wide body kit
Dillon Magee Sep 11, 2012
That looks awesome. Great color combo.
Colby Church Sep 11, 2012
@Tara I agree, I think the first years of the Veyron looked bland and ugly. I wouldn't have bought one if they cost less than $300,000, much less a million and change.
Matthew Crighton Sep 11, 2012
So far these are the best color combos I've seen on this car...amazing!
Tara Fitria Sep 11, 2012
That's what they should have looked like from the start
darrellbell24 Sep 11, 2012
Beverly are awesome, I love you forever..
Saravana Pawan Sep 12, 2012
Even David Beckham is stealing a!!
darrellbell24 Sep 11, 2012
@tara they ARE on Sunset but not in Hollywood, in Beverly Hills, but the cities are so close that it doesn't
Giuseppe Granata Sep 11, 2012
even the shark likes the bugatti.
Tara Fitria Sep 11, 2012
I'm going to guess that they are on sunset in Hollywood, could be wrong tho.
boldcars Sep 11, 2012
haha how appropriate is that billboard for the beached whale remark lol
Trey Villarreal Sep 11, 2012
Bugatti could have it's wheels removed and still dust a prius in 1st gear.
Kyle Kloewer Sep 11, 2012
Oh my god! If I was there my eyes would be glued to that unbelievably stunning and awesome Prius. Oh yesss
Andrew Hossann Sep 11, 2012
The Prius driver doesn't even care
boldcars Sep 11, 2012
That's the only way I like a Prius, sandwiched between two Bugattis!!
Zach Sullivan Sep 12, 2012
yea but value seems to have a huge scene for Wtv ur into turners muscle exotics classics plus not to mention there's a race track like every ten feet
Bailey McLendon Sep 11, 2012
There is plenty of porsches, lambos, maseratis, and jags here in lakeway Texas, close enough to Cali but in one city
Zach Sullivan Sep 11, 2012
the only thing I m envious about cali is the car culture its the place to be but other then that PA is where I stay(no offense)
darrellbell24 Sep 11, 2012
@kyle once you come here....YOU WILL NEVER WANT TO LEAVE....THATS A PROMICE LOL
Kyle Kloewer Sep 11, 2012
I car more about actually going to LA then seeing a Veyron
darrellbell24 Sep 11, 2012
@victor oh yeah that's true, I completely forgot about that....but didn't the owner die so his son (or someone) inherited the car and store..??
Victor Takhanov Sep 11, 2012
There could have been a possibility of seeing 3 veyrons there. The owner of the Bijan store has the Bijan edition veyron.
darrellbell24 Sep 11, 2012
wow I know EXACTLY where this is. And that yellow building behind is The House of Bijan ....LITTERALLY THE most EXPENSIVE STORS IN THE WORLD....look it up
Zeus Mocha Sep 12, 2012
Yup I believe it's an older body as well
Nathan Liu Sep 11, 2012
@ghaith, the one with the platinum Motorsport plate is owned by one of the owners of luxury4play. It was customized by PM.
Ghaith AL-sharari Sep 11, 2012
Did any one notice the platinum Motorsport plates ?