Comments - Abarth Creates Reality Show for Racing Drivers

Published: Sep 11, 2012
Description: There are reality shows for all sorts of talents: singers, dancers, chefs, business name it. What TV is missing is a reality show for finding new racing drivers, but Fiat's performanc...
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Brandon Carr Sep 11, 2012
That's the coolest looking 500 I've ever seen
Description: Those two-dozen aspirants were put through boot camp to see who had the chops to make it as a professional racing driver. The process has whittled the number down to six (one from each of the aforemen...
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Dale Schroeder Sep 11, 2012
@ Michael: An American version of this would be six stereotypical rednecks competing to drive the pace car at the Daytona 500. It would also get cancelled midway through for being unwatchably bad.
Michael Gallagher Sep 11, 2012
Same. Sounds pretty sweet. Can't wait for the watered down American version of it. I would love to be a contender
Das Stig Sep 11, 2012
oh ok. I didn't want to watch that anyway. haha, I'll have to torrent that.