Comments - Viper GTS-R Races Through Baltimore

Published: Sep 10, 2012
Description: Hailed by ESPN as the best new motorsport event in America in the last 30 years, the Baltimore Grand Prix draws huge crowds around the Maryland metropolis' Inner Harbor to catch the IndyCar and A...
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Kie Morris Sep 10, 2012
That's like having the Kray Twins promote no violence
Description: This short clip shows Indy driver Ryan Hunter-Reay, who incidentally went on to win the race that weekend, driving the #93 Viper through the streets of Baltimore while getting chased by local law enfo...
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Jay Kolvenbag Sep 11, 2012
The filming sucked, the sound sucked why in hell do you make such a bad video if you have such an exclusive car?
Cody Jacques Sep 10, 2012
That wasnt a very cool car chase video.
Sam Scarmack Sep 10, 2012
Why were the cops after him?
Val Barata Sep 10, 2012
I was there all weekend, awesome time!
Justin Brest Sep 10, 2012
Good weekend! The shootings resumed immediately after the race lol
Jordan Jackson Sep 10, 2012
Luckily this one will never have to encounter those, lol
Derek Hedtke Sep 10, 2012
no speed bumps for that one