Comments - Jaguar Testing Five C-X75 Prototypes

Published: Sep 10, 2012
Description: Jaguar may not be the first to come to mind among names like Ferrari and McLaren when you think about supercar manufacturers, but the British marque is keen to revive the image it made for itself with...
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Clay Williams Sep 10, 2012
I like all of it but the hood. The scoop looks a bit strange for this elegant beauty.
Sam Oglesby Sep 10, 2012
I like it but I think they need to do something with those headlights they just don't suit the car
Description: The test vehicles will be used to validate the vehicle's performance, which is projected to be downright otherworldly. Like the upcoming successors to the McLaren F1 and Ferrari Enzo, not to ment...
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Jordan Jackson Sep 10, 2012
It would have sounded awesome with the twin turbine engines, even tho they were just glorified generators
Sam Coppinger Sep 10, 2012
"the CX-75 is an advanced hybrid" = the CX-75 is a ruined piece of $#!+
Thibault Leroy Sep 10, 2012
Im kinda sad to see all those great automakers going to hybrid
Jordan Jackson Sep 10, 2012
Hope that little four pot sounds good, this car is way to sexy to sound like a fiesta on steroids
Description: The drivetrain is expected to showcase new downsized engine technologies which Jaguar Land Rover is currently developing, although the engine in the C-X75 will only be related to the mass-production e...
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Kyle Rawn Sep 10, 2012
Smaller wheels and moar low! It's a supercar, not a SUV.
Corey Mullis Sep 10, 2012
i cant wait for this thing! even if i never see one haha
Philipp Kentner Sep 10, 2012
But still an amazing car
Philipp Kentner Sep 10, 2012
rear looks ALOT like that citröen supercar just saying
Ben Norton Sep 10, 2012
Are those tires green?
David Pires-Ihsaan Sep 10, 2012
Paul Dickey Sep 10, 2012
Not the car the micro turbines moron
Bren Bracken Sep 10, 2012
Did you read the article at all? It is going into production hahaha
Paul Dickey Sep 10, 2012
Wish they could have figured out how to put those into production. So bad ass
Paul Dickey Sep 10, 2012
Best part right there