Comments - Sexy Russian Goes Wild in Drift Car

Published: Sep 01, 2012
Description: These never get old, do they? We've had our fair share of buxom blondes being treated to a bit of high speed supercar action, and now we get to see a beautiful Russian brunette go for a wild ride...
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Viny Bodhani Sep 02, 2012
Hilarious ! Guy gets crash helmet! Lady doesn't even get seat belt with harness
Mark Suvorov Sep 02, 2012
Car name Toyota mark 2
Alex Renaud Sep 01, 2012
Woot, Woot, Andrew. I live in Calgary.
Alex Renaud Sep 01, 2012
This whole thing was staged! The 2 top points of her 5-point harness were not done up.
Joe Lamouk Sep 01, 2012
Didn't knew that 4 door S14's existed.
Andrew Palmer Sep 01, 2012
She was trying for crotch shots...unfortunately the camera was too high:(
Andrew Strong Sep 01, 2012
she won't be so pretty if she smashes out the passenger window with her face. if you want to see some bouncy tits you can just drive normally down any street here in Alberta.
Pablo Herasme Sep 01, 2012
The guy is like "Damn women"
Tony Flaherty Sep 01, 2012
Its about time a Russian turned the dash cam the right way ha ha.
Rithhin Jawahar Sep 01, 2012
I wish they had a split screen!! I wanna see the drifting too... Just saying :P
Aaron Crisp Sep 01, 2012
Disappointing. Bar was set too high last time with the nip slip Supra girl haha
Brady Fereday Sep 01, 2012
And I just noticed she isn't wearing her seatbelt
Brady Fereday Sep 01, 2012
That's what I was thinking at least her chest is safe hahahahah xD
Ryan Veitch Sep 01, 2012
I like how the driver cares about his own safety with his helmet on, but leaves her without one!!
Eric Loke Sep 01, 2012
Pretty nice bottom she have.