Comments - Matt Farah Tests 700HP Toyota Supra

Published: Sep 01, 2012
Description: Ever since it appeared in "The Fast and the Furious", enthusiasts have clamored for a piece of the Toyota Supra. Little wonder, then, that Tuned host Matt Farah headed down to Florida to ch...
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Ben August Sep 01, 2012
Ya I laughed as soon as I read that.
Sebastian Grey Sep 01, 2012
I'm pretty sure "enthusiasts" were clamouring for the Supra way before TFaF.
Description: Of course Titan didn't tune the engine and leave the rest up to fate, equipping it with Brembo brakes, a TRD coilover suspension, HRE wheels wrapped in Michelin high-performance tires, roll bar a...
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Colby Church Sep 03, 2012
I like supras. One of the few imports I actually respect.
Austin Burgdorf Sep 03, 2012
Very nice car the bhp is ok for the street a little fast but better than 1000 lol I would like to get one 1 day and see wit the can really do
Quinn Conner Sep 03, 2012
Small turbo putting more stress? Lol. It's the big turbo that puts more stress. Look at the huge torque and hp jumps a big turbo has compared to the almost linear curve of a small turbo. You fail!
Aaron Barker Sep 02, 2012
I have always loved the supra it's just one gorgeous powerful car
No Pistons Sep 02, 2012
Nvm your referring to twins not a single
No Pistons Sep 02, 2012
And a consistent speed is irrelevant, along with its not the motor working the turbo it's the stress the turbo adds to the motor.
No Pistons Sep 02, 2012
Not the case exactly, take some time studying turbo pressure graphs and all the, the 250 word limit would make explaining everything a huge pain in the ass
Matt Piccolo Sep 01, 2012
And if a single is kicking in by 2k rpm's, it's probably a fairly small turbo, in which case the twin turbo's would make more power... And the first turbo is @ full boost by 2k rpm's the single wouldn't b at full boost by then I don't think
Matt Piccolo Sep 01, 2012
U wouldn't b putting much stress on the engine, yea the turbo (since only the smaller one would b spinning) is working, but when you're cruising at a consistent speed, the engine really won't work the turbo hard at all
Bill Estep Jr Sep 01, 2012
I like the chirps lol that's awesome to excessive on all the chirps of the turbo but love these cars
No Pistons Sep 01, 2012
Daily driving it's really not that bad and I would want to have my boost come in later so I'm not constantly putting stress on my motor jus casually driving to work
No Pistons Sep 01, 2012
It's almost SOELY dependent on turbo, turbine size, header design, compression, and tuning. You can make a single kick in by 2krpm. Example, mazdatrixs turbo set up kicks in by 3 and stays till 8-8.3ish on rx8
Matt Piccolo Sep 01, 2012
But I guess I wasn't very specific now was I lol
Matt Piccolo Sep 01, 2012
I was just referring to street/track supra's more so then 2000hp drag cars
Matt Piccolo Sep 01, 2012
Streets and tracks, lag will b very noticeable in and out of turns and at low rpm's.... For any where from 650hp down, u can get that power from twins np, and have minimal lag, but I totally agree there and up, single ftw u just get more power.
Matt Piccolo Sep 01, 2012
@ Johnny, I totally agree that for high out put u'd want a single, but when I said the twin would b beter, I meant for one like in the vid where as he said is in the middle of stock and outright drag car, that's more of a street/track car. Bec on the
Dan Marino Sep 01, 2012
My dream car. I saw one at a local car show in this exact color with a single turbo. It had nicer wheels tho. Ahhhh I want one so bad!
Terrance Parker Sep 01, 2012
This Supra is so clean and unmolested.
Chris Washburn Sep 01, 2012
@Johnny Agreed, and with any drag supra, they're using an anti-lag system kind of like the launch control in a GT-R. Build the RPM's to 4k and hold the steering wheel tight lol.
Johnny Francis Sep 01, 2012
And hell the engine can take more boost so a single just makes more sense to me. If you want just like 400hp though..I'll stick with twins. Anything above that definitely single ftw.
Johnny Francis Sep 01, 2012
As long as you're not running like a t-88 single the trade off of a little lag for much more power is worth it. Since its an i6 it's better to not to split the exhaust gases into twins, when you can just compile it into 1 source. It's more efficient.
John Darwin Price Sep 01, 2012
Well Supras are I6 cars, so I'd believe the idea that a single turbo works better. Generally inline-6s use single turbos.
John Francis Sep 01, 2012
From what I've read, neither is clearly superior to the other. If you want more power/a larger power band, you go single. Twin has better response when exiting corners on a road course. If you guys want a detailed explanation I have plenty of links.
Patrick Schalk Sep 01, 2012
It depends on how big the turbos are
Matt Piccolo Sep 01, 2012
@ John, jw in what way, I know for a fact the twin turbo ones have a lot less lag, like close to none, but I'm also pretty sure their 6 second supra which as they said is the fastest in the world was a twin turbo, I could b wrong though.
John Jenkins Sep 01, 2012
I've heard better things about single turbo supras than I have twin.
Matt Piccolo Sep 01, 2012
2000rpms... Just upgrade them instead of going to 1 big turbo
Matt Piccolo Sep 01, 2012
That's a sweet supra, love how clean it is! And u might wanna stick wit a twin turbo set up, since the supras turbos are sequential, there's almost no lag as the first smaller turbo is at full boost by about 2000rpms, making 300lb-ft of torque @
Brady Fereday Sep 01, 2012
Love these cars they are rare where I live but I work with 2 guys who own one though ones a auto non turbo and the other is a turbo manual :D
Ben Norton Sep 03, 2012
If its straight up drag why have the track spoiler creating all that extra drag?
Bennie Andthe Jets Sep 02, 2012
This is also not the car that the article and video is about. Check the video next time
Joe Fats Harper Sep 02, 2012
They're drag racing tires.. They don't need to make them wide because your only going in a straight line.. If they're too wide they will create too much resistance and slow you down
Andrew Morales Sep 02, 2012
Why do the front tires of this 700hp supra look like they came off a Prius? C'mon 'Titan'...
Cham Khiev Sep 02, 2012
Carbon doors nice
Ryan Spencer Sep 01, 2012
Love those low-pressure rear tires on a drag car...
Scott Gracey Sep 01, 2012
I'd take the car for a spin more than the girl...
Kevin Rehbock Sep 01, 2012
I'd inject my fuel into her combustion chamber.
Ben August Sep 01, 2012
I'd take the girl, leave the car. It's got some questionable body work done to it.
Matt Piccolo Sep 01, 2012
Oh, this wasn't here before, mmmm :) I'll take both
Walker Carroll Sep 01, 2012
That car looks sweet too
Jared Michael Scalla Sep 01, 2012
Tattoo don't bother me, it's dark when it matters.
Bruce-Almighty Tumblin Sep 01, 2012
I don't know but that ass look real nice!
John P Jerse Sep 01, 2012
The tat ruins it for me. I wonder what it says?