Description: Let's be honest here for a moment: the new Chrysler 200 is a fine car, but it's not nearly as fancy as Chrysler would make it out to be. That's where Lancia steps in. Chrysler's It...
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Chris Marshall Ernst Sep 01, 2012
I would like to meet the person who had the gall and audacity to put a Lancia badge on this, and punch him square in the face.
Clay Williams Sep 01, 2012
I like mopar but the Sebring needs a serious change.
Thad Macaranas Sep 01, 2012
It's still a Chrysler 200 Convertible.
Description: The latter revived the Flavia nameplate, and Lancia has given it a more luxurious look and feel in time for the Venice Film Festival. Lancia sponsors the festival (in a city with few cars, mind you) a...
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Clay Williams Sep 01, 2012
I like the "300" in the back
Christian De Prisco Sep 01, 2012
Not the best colour for the car, perhaps navy blue or dark gray, this looks cheap