Description: Volkswagen is getting serious about its latest Beetle. Following the balloon-like design of the previous model, the German automaker wants the new car to appeal to a broader audience - and by that we ...
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John M Weishahn Aug 10, 2012
This is not a production model, it's their electric concept version.
supra_mkiv Aug 10, 2012
looks better than the last one though
Cory Allen Aug 10, 2012
Now even more expensive to repair. Lol
Blake Shay Aug 10, 2012
Front LED things look nice
Andrew McNeal Aug 09, 2012
Change the front end and it would be a cooler car.
Carter Sullivan Aug 09, 2012
I'd be very unlikely to get a car that said bugster on the side
Harry Chagger Aug 09, 2012
i realy like this beetle in convertable i realy hate it normal form
Jack Howard Aug 09, 2012
I think it looks fine
Ben August Aug 09, 2012
Not impressed. For the same company that puts out porsche, Audi, Lambo...THIS is pathetic. When I think "muscular bug" I don't think of this.
Harrison Trapnell Aug 09, 2012
It is still a modern Beetle. So it is still a girl's car.
Andrew Strong Aug 09, 2012
looks like the chevy ssr truck to me.
Brendan Bell Aug 09, 2012
I can't wait for this to go out into production... Now that they've redone it, I love it!
Brady Fereday Aug 09, 2012
Wow I like that as a convertible and I don't like soft tops much
Description: The EPA has just released official figures for the 2013 VW Beetle Convertible and the numbers are impressive. In fact the diesel model is posting numbers similar to a hybrid, but without the heavy bat...
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Greg Lewis Aug 10, 2012
Either way, both cars for women. Cause a man in mustang v6 hard top? Ok he does not have a lot of money. but wouldn't spend the extra money on a rag top instead of a 5.0
Alex Vasquez Aug 09, 2012
Yea mustang is a convertible as well but doesn't fall along the same lines as this beetle would. All the other cars mentioned are comparable. Big V6 : four cyls? Hmm obviously the stand wont be as efficient..
Christian De Prisco Aug 09, 2012
Agreed, or why not put slk, boxter etc. Yet I think those are the most popular as in most sold
John Serely Aug 09, 2012
Why not, zach? It's a convertible...
Zack Hartman Aug 09, 2012
Mustang really shouldn't even be on this it's sorta a different class
Description: Beetle Convertible TDI buyers can also opt for the DSG dual-clutch transmission, but the EPA hasn't released its fuel ratings yet. For those seeking some more power, the more powerful 2.0-liter T...
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Judah Lindvall Aug 09, 2012
Um yeah cause there's two tdi's
Cole Rocheleau Aug 09, 2012
Carbuzz---way to compare a tdi to a tdi. Do you guys ever proof read?
Mike Conrad Aug 09, 2012
Tom, next pic shows they're lights, some red ones in the rear too.
Ashen Fonseka Aug 09, 2012
Definitely the best beetle so far still wouldn't buy it but it looks good
Wyatt Gordon Aug 10, 2012
if the so-called secret weapon is a fax machine, then yes
Alexander Gomez Aug 10, 2012
Mp4-12c Is a great name. It sounds like a top secret weapon of sorts.
Wyatt Gordon Aug 09, 2012
Bugster makes me think of herby the love bug on crack, Urus sounds like something a toddler would say during a tantrum, and MP4-12c sounds like a fax machine. and Huayra, to quote Top gear, sounds like the noise you make when you're sick in the passenger seat
Nick Schnee Aug 09, 2012
MP4-12C ain't that bad IMO. "Urus" sound a lot worse.
Robert Young Aug 09, 2012
They've came a long way
Dale Fredriks Aug 09, 2012
It is almost as bad of a name as mp4-12c though. It's terrible. E-bugster (shudder).
Brady Fereday Aug 09, 2012
It looks really good with the top down
Philipp Kentner Oct 11, 2012
Love this, much better than than previous models
Dylan Bruder Aug 10, 2012
Seems I already knew bud and I did
Cole Rocheleau Aug 09, 2012
Read the article and you would know that.
Dylan Bruder Aug 09, 2012
I believe this is the electric beetle concept
Roy Gong Aug 29, 2012
Looks awesome for me tho
Luke Murray Aug 10, 2012
Like the light that runs from the vents to the screen
Blake Shay Aug 10, 2012
Wow. I've never seen the inside. It's fantastic for a car like that
Uche Ukaegbu Aug 09, 2012
The interior looks like a game system car
Jordan Jackson Aug 09, 2012
Definitley a better looking interior than I was expecting, lol
Jason Brown Aug 09, 2012
iPhone auto correct. Tron* not trim.
Jason Brown Aug 09, 2012
It's got the whole trim thing going on with the ambient lighting.
Zack Hartman Aug 09, 2012
Surprisingly nice interior
Jason Brown Aug 10, 2012
Nicest VW interior I've ever seen. Hope this implement this.
Alex Vasquez Aug 09, 2012
The console flows nicely
Natalino Monastra Aug 09, 2012
Look, it has a place to put my iPad instead of a flower !
Brady Fereday Aug 09, 2012
Wow I love the entire please somebody tell me this isn't the concept and this is actually how it looks lol