Comments - Matt Farah Drives the Electric DeLorean

Published: Aug 09, 2012
Description: Like Matt Farah, we've been a huge fan of DeLoreans ever since we saw "Back to the Future" years ago. Watching the Doc Brown's time machine fly through the skies of Hill Valley in ...
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Description: After being forced to shut its doors years ago, DMC is now located in Humble, Texas, thanks to one Stephen Wynne and his investors who bought what was left of the factory's inventory and had it a...
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Description: In the latest episode of Drive, Farah gets behind the wheel of the 250-horsepower DeLorean EV to see whether it can out-perform the original. If you're as big a fan of "Back to the Future&qu...
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Jordan Jackson Aug 09, 2012
When these can fly, I'll be one happy person, lol
Timothy Hooker Aug 09, 2012
100k..I just don't get it..