Comments - Drive's Harris and Roy Shoot the Sheep in Wales

Published: Aug 09, 2012
Description: Chris Harris built up something of a cult following from his days at Evo magazine - something he has carried with him over to the Drive web video series. And it seems that co-host Alex Roy is also ful...
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Description: The two get on swimmingly, although after an awful showing behind the wheel of the Clio, Harris wisely keeps the keys to the Porsche for himself.
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Sasa Jungic Aug 09, 2012
Well this video is 1 out of 3 so maybe more car driving in the 2nd and 3rd part
Carlton Salmon Aug 09, 2012
@ Alex Roy. Chris Harris owns an E28 M5 and not, as you say an E24 M5 - no such car. But I digress - another enjoyable video from Chris Harris but would've like to have seen more of the cars in action - especially the Porsche.
Wyatt Gordon Aug 09, 2012
I adore this color (on the Porsche)
Dillon Dixon Aug 09, 2012
I love the color in that gt3. It's one beautiful machine!
Mike Casselton Aug 09, 2012
they could paint that thing hairy butthole brown and i would still drive it.
Brendan Bell Aug 09, 2012
The clio's color dosent do any good for it
John Serely Aug 09, 2012
The 997 GT3 is awesome, but I can't decide if I like the color or not...