Description: The Nurburgring race track in Germany serves as something of a litmus test for performance automobiles, with a handful of automakers constantly trying to one-up eachother for the fastest lap times in ...
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Todd Muhlfelder Aug 08, 2012
From that view why not change the look a little different grill or hood or something instead of just letting a sticker differ the two or even three R8-10
Description: Audi's electric supercar packs a pair of electric motors which, when working in tandem, combine to produce a respectable 308 horsepower but a whopping 604 pound-feet of torque. Capable of blastin...
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Sasa Jungic Aug 17, 2012
That is a fast time. But isn't Megane RS265 trophy quicker? It was around 8 minutes
Aaron Cartwright Aug 08, 2012
That's an amazing lap time, pretty amazing to see the whole electric car thing get better and better. Think I'll allways own a petrol car, but it's still really exciting to see this stuff evolve!
Serge Pankratov Aug 08, 2012
I absolutely agree with Theo..
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Aug 08, 2012
Only 5 secs behind??? Thats brilliant. Whats the range on the e-tron
Reece Rhys Loughmiller Aug 08, 2012
I doubt that was hard, there it'd was probably already held by a prius or something like that, not much competition
John Serely Aug 08, 2012
Relax, theo haha
Description: Arch-rival Mercedes-Benz is also planning an electric version of its SLS AMG supercar, while BMW continues development of the i8 hybrid. The coming years, then, should see some fierce electric-powered...
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Irish Aug 09, 2012
At the 1minute mark big handful of oppisite lock looks very close to loosing it.
Jay Kolvenbag Aug 09, 2012
Those air vents would have looked good in a 70's Saab.
Christian De Prisco Aug 08, 2012
Is that what an r8 looks like? It is like the a3 interior
Jackson Michael Aug 09, 2012
I didn't realize that making the best electric sports car hurts Audis reputation. In fact, i feel like it's doing the opposite
Wyatt Gordon Aug 08, 2012
no Audi! don't do it, is a reputation-ruining trap!
Aaron Cartwright Aug 08, 2012
Pretty soon this will take less time than puting gasoline in your car.
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Aug 08, 2012
Gimme some of that high octane.... What a minute
Dylan Bruder Aug 08, 2012
Wonder what the buttons do