Comments - Tanks Disturb Tourists at Baltic Beach

Published: Aug 08, 2012
Description: Kaliningrad is the only Russian port city on the Baltic Sea that is ice-free all year round. That makes it an enticing attraction for sunbathers, but what it lacks in ice it makes up for in firepower ...
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Tyler Waldeck Dec 30, 2012
Omg that is crazy ive seen some of the stuff u guys have about russia is sooo funny some of the videos if olny i could post them to facebook directly from the app
William Dustin Green Aug 11, 2012
They take shark attacks very seriously.
Christian De Prisco Aug 09, 2012
So you are chilling on the beach and bahm....tanks all over: it's the Armageddon!!
Description: Since this isn't an "official" beach, the local authorities routinely use it to transport their armored vehicles so as to avoid tearing up city streets. According to sources, the stunt ...
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Matt Greenlee Aug 08, 2012
speak for yourself. thatd be awesome