Comments - Lexus LFA Roadster Coming in 2014

Published: Aug 08, 2012
Description: As Lexus reworks its sedans to keep up with the German competition, the luxury Japanese automaker is also continuing to add a little pizazz to its lineup. We recently reported on the LF-LC undergoing ...
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Michael Gallagher Aug 10, 2012
I thought I read somewhere that the LFA was going to be discontinued? Stupid car magazines.. Can't believe anyone now-a-days.
Wyatt Gordon Aug 08, 2012
I don't like the LFA (in terms of looks), but I'm hoping its the same case as the McLaren MP4-named for a fax machine, where the roadster looked much better than the Coupe
Terrance Parker Aug 08, 2012
Old news the actual car was drifting around at the last Tokyo Auto Salon...Oh yeah and it was beautiful. Feel free to YouTube it
Scott Williams Aug 08, 2012
GREAT. Now the LFA is gonna cost even more... Just not worth 500 grand. Fantastic car though.
Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen Aug 11, 2012
@Tom That is becouse Lexus is a luxus car brand. The Reason the lfa costs so much is becouse of the materials and accesories put into the car.
Wyatt Gordon Aug 08, 2012
this was the concept from 2009. It probably wont look like this
Harry Chagger Aug 08, 2012
ooowww yes please!......cnt wait
Malachi Monteiro Aug 08, 2012
LFA Coupe is better looking.
Isaias Almanza Aug 08, 2012
That's because they're cameras. smh
Jordan Jackson Aug 08, 2012
Are those little "thorns" coming out of the windshield pillars all you get for a rear view mirror? They're friggin tiny!
Description: Though that could leave Lexus with enough time to implement some enhancements, Automotive News expects the 552-horsepower 4.8-liter V10 to carry over essentially unchanged along with the rest of the L...
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Ray Liu Aug 09, 2012
At least we can save up hard earned money to own a lf-lc. Oh, can we?
kolton Aug 09, 2012
I don't know what I'm more excited for: the LFA Roadster or the production LF-LC.
Zachary Maurer Aug 09, 2012
Wait, scratch that previous comment, but I swear I saw this in a concept cars book when I was like 5, but it's 3:30 am, I'm tired, my judgement might be off
Zachary Maurer Aug 09, 2012
You guys do realize this is an old concept, right?
Extremis Colson Aug 08, 2012
I like the other one... looks like an s2000
statusone Aug 08, 2012
thank god they changes the front fascia, the old one was HIDEOUS!
Jt Collier Aug 08, 2012
I personally find the profile very bland without the top, the front facia is a bit melted looking as well but I have certainly seen worse looking roadsters
Jesus Alberto Lopez Aug 08, 2012
This may be the ugliest car i've ever seen.
Bobby Bob Aug 08, 2012
It's because the front looks either depressed/lazy/slouched.
Austin Sullivan Aug 08, 2012
The front looks really different to me... The headlights irk me. That little piece coming down from the main light bothers me to no end.
Domi Bsaibes Aug 08, 2012
Why don't they keep the looks and simply chopp off the roof!
Jordan Jackson Aug 08, 2012
And tiny rear view mirrors
Christian De Prisco Aug 08, 2012
Boring? The car has only one problem, a major issue: the price tag.
Harrison Trapnell Aug 08, 2012
Noooo please dont make it like rhis! Keep it like the original LFA!
James Barrett Aug 08, 2012
Looks like they went with embarrassingly ugly again :-)
Jordan Jackson Aug 08, 2012
Looks like their going with boring again
Jeremy Siebert Aug 08, 2012
Clinically boring, though I really like the hidden top windshield frame
Sanbria Manx Aug 08, 2012
This car looks amazing, specially the front.
Chris Cook Aug 08, 2012
not a big fan of the front
Dillon Magee Aug 08, 2012
Yeah, this one seems more bland.
stacey sl Aug 08, 2012
the hardtop looks better
Jason Brown Aug 09, 2012
Arthur I agree. I made the mistake of going the other way... Went with the new Audi A6 and after 2k km, I've had it in the shop twice and the first two times were missing parts! With previously Lexus' had zero problems for entire ownership.
Arthur Salvado Aug 09, 2012
Great looking car. Leaving the German badges out is a plus. The L is synonymous with class and quality. I upgraded from 7 series BMW to Lexus and will never go back to the blue and white snob badge.
Luke Murray Aug 09, 2012
Looks better in this form
Harry Chagger Aug 09, 2012
this car is beautifull no mater how u see it. all the haters out there the truth is if it had a german badge on it u would of cum in your pants lmfao!
Cameron Duncan Condy Aug 08, 2012
Jt that's the point. You don't need bullshit lines and stupid vents. Very classy and beautiful.
Jt Collier Aug 08, 2012
There is nothing going on with the side save for the air vent, in front of it it's just featureless
Nick Schnee Aug 08, 2012
That looks freakin' amazing.
Jason Brown Aug 08, 2012
Just something to hold onto when you are about to crap your pants riding in an awesome care this this.
Andrew McNeal Aug 08, 2012
What's with the "edge" thing just sticking out in the passenger side?