Comments - Jethro Drives the Stelvio Pass in Ferrari 458 Spider

Published: Aug 08, 2012
Description: The Stelvio Pass. At over 9000 feet high, it's one of the highest roads in Europe, and connects northern Italy to southern Switzerland. The altitude and location are all well and fine, but what m...
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Description: That, boys and girls, is just what Jethro Bovingdon has done, coming to Stelvio for the first time in his career and bringing a film crew along to document the experience. It's the latest install...
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Domi Bsaibes Aug 08, 2012
How come i don't know about it
Justin Routh Aug 09, 2012
@Brian yep thats the one
Carlton Salmon Aug 09, 2012
Truly epic picture. Definitely on my 'to do' list.
Dennis Choong Aug 08, 2012
TG's using convertibles at Transfagarasan
Felix Rhett Aug 08, 2012
@walker are you sure your not thinking of the transfagarasan highway in Romania? They look similar, but this article is refering to the stelvio pass in Italy....
John Serely Aug 08, 2012
That is a great road!
Walker Carroll Aug 08, 2012
Yeah Top Gear found it when they had the lightened up super cars.
Keelynn Arnold Aug 08, 2012
That is the most beautiful road I've ever seen