Comments - BMW Unearths Z3 V12 Prototype

Published: Aug 08, 2012
Description: The BMW Z3 offered an array of four- and six-cylinder engines, but the M division has revealed a unique prototype from deep inside its skunkworks packing a V12. Few details were released along with th...
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Das Stig Aug 08, 2012
You can see on YouTube a git put an m5 v10 into a coupe. there's also one called the hartge z3 coupe that I think has a 5 litre v8. I've never heard of a v12 though. that's just awesome.
Description: With 322 horsepower, the 5.4 would hardly have been worth the packaging and weight issues over the 315hp 3.2-liter six from the Z3 M. The 375hp V12 from the 850CSi might have been more worthwhile, but...
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Asad Yusufzai Aug 09, 2012
Thank god someone agrees - more V-12's please!!
Graham Browne Aug 09, 2012
Pointless car is pointless.
Dave Lewis Aug 09, 2012
who cares what engine is or could have been put into it, its still the gayest car going!
Wyatt Gordon Aug 08, 2012
why not put in the 500 hp V8 from the Ariel Atom V8, and sell that to people. that engines small, light, and it puts out 500 HP, which is more than the 315 and 375 HP from the mentioned V12s
Das Stig Aug 08, 2012
small v8's crap out power like theres no tomorrow. I know it was twin turboed but look at the f40, and the atom v8.
Josh Negron Aug 08, 2012
Exactly Oren! For example, between a 7.0L V8 and a 7.0L V12, the V12's cylinders are much smaller. Plus, most V12's aren't even that big. There is more to a V12 than "moar hp"--like refinement, less vibration, smooth powerband, high revving joy...
Oren Blumenstein Aug 08, 2012
the amount if cylinders doesn't if the displacement isn't there
Carlos Gallego Rodriguez Aug 08, 2012
Because it was a engine made in the 80's/90's
Besim Hojhalli Aug 08, 2012
6 more cylinders for just 60 HP?
Chris Penza Aug 08, 2012
How do you get so little power out of a v12?
Scott Gracey Aug 08, 2012
375hp V12.... I'd certainly hope it's a torque beast otherwise I'm unimpressed
Mathias Henz Aug 08, 2012
all that heat, they have a lot of engenering to do, im sure it works superb, just m
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Aug 08, 2012
Thats a tight fit
Dale Schroeder Aug 09, 2012
I bet changing the spark plugs is a fun little task.