Comments - Aston Martin Vanquish to Debut at Pebble Beach

Published: Aug 08, 2012
Description: There will be plenty of eye candy on display when the gates open at Pebble Beach in about a week from now, and not a small portion of that revolves around Aston Martin. Not only will Aston display at ...
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Zachary Maurer Aug 09, 2012
@matt, so you hate Porsche to bro? Their is heritage to the designs, and if they just changed the looks of all the cars, then I'm sure they would loose a fair amount of customers because of that
Douglas Orellana Aug 08, 2012
Its missing the fog lights and then it would really look like a Vanquish.
Zachary Maurer Aug 08, 2012
@garrett, so I take it you would stick with your scion xd? Don't be a troll
John Serely Aug 08, 2012
@garret ya, if you know nothing about other Aston martins
Kate Taylor Aug 08, 2012
Luck enough to see this car in person was so nice!
Garrett Carpenter Aug 08, 2012
Would you look at that, It looks just like every other Aston Martin...
Thomas Isnt Green Aug 08, 2012
I like the chocolate as well
Brendan Bell Aug 08, 2012
It actually looks really good in brown...
Stephen Reed Warren II Aug 08, 2012
Love the subtle "one-77" type changes
Walker Carroll Aug 08, 2012
That looks really good
Description: Granted, the new Vanquish has already appeared online, but this will be the first time it is properly unveiled to the public and the first time it will appear in the United States. The Vanquish replac...
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Andy Coates Aug 09, 2012
It was at a public supercar event in the UK last weekend in silver.
Justin Routh Aug 08, 2012
Its a gt car -_- so yes 565 hp is more that enough
Peter O'Sullivan Aug 08, 2012
Not quite its first public unveiling, just it's US unveiling. They've had one in the window their Park Lane showroom for a few weeks now. It actually somehow manages to look better in real life than in these pictures...
Patrick Schalk Aug 08, 2012
Only 565hp out of a V12? Hurr hurrr
Description: Along with the announcement, Aston has revealed North American pricing for the new Vanquish that will begin delivery on the Atlantic's western shores early next year. US pricing starts at $279,99...
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Carlton Salmon Aug 09, 2012
I really like the copper-brown colour on this car but it'd look great in just about any shade.
Evan Thicke Aug 09, 2012
Love the more rounded rear addition
Wyatt Gordon Aug 09, 2012
Aston Martin probably thinks "Chevy" is slang for toilet paper
Yaseen Cheema Aug 08, 2012
sexiest car i've ever seen forsure. reminds me of the one-77
Bobby Bob Aug 08, 2012
Yeah I'm gonna take a long shot here and say that I don't think Chevy invented flared rear fenders.
Alex Santaspirt Aug 08, 2012
Yeah I don't think Aston Martin even knows Chevy exists
Brendan Bell Aug 08, 2012
Great usage of LEDs
Garrett Frye Aug 08, 2012
What, does the camaro have flared hips patented? It's a design element present in many cars, especially the One-77 that the car takes many styling cues from.
Wyatt Gordon Aug 08, 2012
I'm thinking a light blue would look great n this car
Kyle Schott Aug 08, 2012
Camaro rear fender flares almost exactly. Not sure if it's good or bad. What does everyone think?
Jake Marra Aug 08, 2012
Ur right white would be unbelievable on this beautiful car
Ryan Veitch Aug 08, 2012
Especially the V12 Vantage
Ryan Veitch Aug 08, 2012
White is my favourite Aston colour
Lead Peddalin Aug 08, 2012
I think this is the most beautiful car. I'd have to get it in white though.
Nick Schnee Aug 09, 2012
Couldn't agree more.
Trevor Hendrickson Aug 08, 2012
Favorite color, favorite car brand. I'm in love.
Janak Solanki Aug 08, 2012
It's got all the right curves in all the right places. Immaculate!
Alexander Gomez Aug 08, 2012
That's what makes it so amazing. vvvv Why change perfection?
Nick Schnee Aug 09, 2012
That used to be my desktop background.
Bryan Bohling Aug 08, 2012
At Russell, it's a roomer and they have spy shots but most likely yes they will
Janak Solanki Aug 08, 2012
Where's my Armani suit? I need it to drive this car.
Russell Aug 08, 2012
Will Aston be making an S version of this?
Russell Aug 08, 2012
It's one of my all time favorite cars just from the way it looks
Chris Marshall Ernst Aug 08, 2012
Lol, Jonny. Making slapping motions...
Uche Ukaegbu Aug 08, 2012
It's a perfectly shaped car. Another one of God's car.
Matt Piccolo Aug 08, 2012
Looks pretty good, I really hate the line that's on a slant on the door
Jonny Seegmiller Aug 08, 2012
Ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass
Will Watashi Aug 08, 2012
Wow, absolutely stunning