Comments - Alfa Giulia Coming with Tri-Turbo V6

Published: Aug 08, 2012
Description: We were sad to see the Alfa Romeo 159 discontinued last year. Together with the Brera coupe and Spider convertible, the 159 was one of the best-looking cars on the market. But with the storied Milanes...
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Wmg Chinchilla Aug 09, 2012
Although, I am worried about the part where they said theyre designing it for the American market. That usually means more cup holders, less dynamic handling, and toned down style. Let's hope this isn't the case.
Matt Greenlee Aug 09, 2012
Americans love tdi engines. just look at our trucks (specifically the ford powerstroke). we love to tune em and roll coal! theyre also longer lasting and make a good noise
Aaron Crisp Aug 08, 2012
It's a joke that we don't have more diesels here. I would love to have a TDI but just not the most appealing cars. Cummins 12V for me until we get some more diesels here.
Avery Williams Aug 08, 2012
I thought Americans like superchargers more than turbochargers since we got muscle cars. Not saying that you can't put a turbocharger on a muscle car.
Brandon Fraser Aug 08, 2012
I have a NA diesel in my VW rabbit and I love it. Doesn't have hardly any power, but that's not what it was made for. 57 mpg is better than speed to me
Josh Negron Aug 08, 2012
Maybe not the case of America in the past, but turbos showing up in almost every automotive lineup now--with exception of a few superchargers. FI is the future--watch it happening.
Lee Gardner Aug 08, 2012
Any unturbocharged diesel ain't worth a crap in a truck
Bijan Jahanpanah Aug 08, 2012
wait u just said that we hate turbos and diesels but we like them?
Jerrod Swenson Aug 08, 2012
I hope that was sarcasm because historically Americans have hated turbos. Almost as much as they hate diesels. Yet ironically we love the turbo diesel.
Corey Mullis Aug 08, 2012
yes!! america loves turbos, and most americans aren't satisfied until they have ATLEAST 3, smart move Alfa. cant wait for your return to the states. im tired of the only italian car around being the Fiat 500
Jordan Jackson Aug 08, 2012
@Adam, I think you win, lol
Adam Gray Aug 08, 2012
Yo dawg we heard you like turbos. So we put a turbo on your turbo so you can turbo charge your turbo while you turbo!
Abraham Mendoza Aug 08, 2012
From what I hear, a smaller turbo is used to speed up the spooling speed on the other turbo's, to prevent lag. At least that's what Porsche says.
Jordan Jackson Aug 08, 2012
... So I put a turbo on a turbo in a turboed car
Jerrod Swenson Aug 08, 2012
Yo dawg, I heard you like turbos.....
Julian Pilinci Aug 08, 2012
Tri-turbo? Three turbo chargers or... what does this mean? It's the first time for me to hear this term.
Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen Aug 11, 2012
These actually dont look too bad in my opinion.
Zachary Maurer Aug 08, 2012
Wow, fastest arguement in carbuzz...ever
Abraham Mendoza Aug 08, 2012
That was....interesting.
Kevin Rehbock Aug 08, 2012
Much better than the new Accord
Logan LeMonnier Aug 08, 2012
This is cool though
Logan LeMonnier Aug 08, 2012
@redge don't forget it's the internet. And I really really like the 159. I'm mad they discontinued it
Paul Dickey Aug 08, 2012
That escalated pretty quickly.
Nick Sti Aug 08, 2012
v Can't tell if he's serious
Redge Diakité Aug 08, 2012
@Bobby No bro I can't calm down with this bitch
Bobby Junior Aug 08, 2012
@redge calm down bro
Christian De Prisco Aug 08, 2012
Well Redge (note the fugly name)when alfa made this your grandpa was driving a chariot with a donkey attached, so fugly you
Andrew McNeal Aug 08, 2012
I've seen worse, I'd drive it
Description: Tipped to revive the Giulia nameplate from the classic pictured here, it will join the already confirmed 4C and Miata-based Spyder in Alfa's long-anticipated return to America. The latest intel i...
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Description: Styling is likely to follow the theme set down by the Giulietta, but in a larger, trunked sedan form like the silver Giugiaro-designed Viconti concept from 2004. Besides having the essential rear-whee...
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Aaron Crisp Aug 08, 2012
As well as Audi. But I want a more affordable diesel car! I have a diesel truck and want to get a TDI but they hold their value pretty well.
Walter Furrer Aug 08, 2012
Woooooo we get Alfas in the US!!
Joe Fats Harper Aug 08, 2012
You mean like all the BMW, Mercedes, and VW diesel sedans that are sold here? Vw Jetta TDI's sell like hotcakes where I live
Adam Gray Aug 08, 2012
Why America no get cool diesel cars? :(
Zachary Maurer Aug 08, 2012
It looks Asian, just look at its headlights...(:
Thomas Isnt Green Aug 08, 2012
I say if they make this they will ruin their reputation
Ceyda Deniz Gurler Aug 08, 2012
This is not the actual desing. This one rejected by the ceos of alfa And company Will redesing it. That what i heard ( hope its a true story )
Jon Joly Aug 08, 2012
the grill makes the front end of the car seem small
Redge Diakité Aug 08, 2012
But it's mof**king ugly
Sasa Jungic Aug 17, 2012
Oh no. This thing looks ugly
Luke Murray Aug 10, 2012
Oh dear oh dear !!! Petrol and lighter please oh and sack the designer
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Aug 08, 2012
This makes a panamera look good
Avery Williams Aug 08, 2012
@F1 Fanatic Love the sarcasm! Haha!
Zachary Maurer Aug 08, 2012
@redge, you really hate Alfa, dont you
F1 Fanatic Aug 08, 2012
Can you say, "Panamera"?
Turbo_geoduck Aug 08, 2012
the rear looks awkward.
Jeremy Siebert Aug 08, 2012
Say what you want, this doesn't look like either. It's uglier than a spawn of Prius and Bentley
Thomas Mackey Aug 08, 2012
Dare I say Prius/Bentley???
Corey Mullis Aug 08, 2012
the back looks teeeerrible
Matt Piccolo Aug 08, 2012
Not a fan of this at all
Redge Diakité Aug 08, 2012
First it looks fugly and it looks like the back of an Bentley Continental Speed with the Bugatti Galibier mixed up. HOOOOOORRRRRRRIIIIBBBBLLLEEEEEE
Janak Solanki Aug 08, 2012
You can't go wrong with jet black. It looks wet
Barry Stewart Aug 08, 2012
The design language on ALL alfa-romeos seem very out-dated... This one remind me of an early 2000's Lincoln or Mitzu Galant
Matt Piccolo Aug 08, 2012
I like these a lot! Very different in its front end styling which I always loved
Ceyda Deniz Gurler Aug 08, 2012
i had two 159s before. i hope you can find a chance to buy it in usa. certainly an amazing car!!
colton manson Aug 08, 2012
It actually looks a bit like a Mazda 3 from this angle.
Jeremy Siebert Aug 08, 2012
Yeah Nathan, so do I....I think it's the 4 doors and a trunk, with that hood thing sticking out of the front....oh, and it has 4 tires too.
Nathan Geiter Aug 08, 2012
I see some Audi a4
Tiago Santos Maia Aug 08, 2012
This is older than the current lancer Matt, so Mitsubishi copied from Alfa Romeo
Matt Piccolo Aug 08, 2012
I'm seeing the tiniest bit of lancer here, just in the lights
Jordan Jackson Aug 08, 2012
At least from this angle
Jordan Jackson Aug 08, 2012
Ok, I just thought it looked a little similar
Jordan Jackson Aug 08, 2012
Is that the Alfa version of the dodge dart?
Abraham Mendoza Aug 08, 2012
Looks great from here. If only they sold stuff here, I'm sure they would give Volkswagen some comp.
Logan LeMonnier Aug 08, 2012
I hate the pillar handles in the rear
Aaron Velez Aug 08, 2012
I have video if this car testing in Texas. It was behind a dodge caliber. I was amazed by the lines and lights for being a lil hatch
Matt Piccolo Aug 08, 2012
These looks great fr a little hatch back
Ceyda Deniz Gurler Aug 08, 2012
Guys i had test drive with this. And it was very disappointing
Jeremy Siebert Aug 08, 2012
Really wish they'd sell the Dart in hatchback form like this....
Matt Piccolo Aug 08, 2012
Now that's a hatchback