Comments - Toyota 86X Drift Car by Speedhunters

Published: Aug 07, 2012
Description: KW Automotive is best known for its suspension systems, but this latest product, completed in conjunction with Speedhunters, is a much more ambitious project. The 86X drifter is based on the Toyota GT...
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Robin Douglas Dawson Aug 09, 2012
A lighter supra maybe.
Tanner Middleton Aug 09, 2012
wow that pipe is so low!
Al Tungupon Aug 07, 2012
The main point in the 86 is the boxer engine lowering the center of gravity. Now they swap the motor and essentially turn it into a Supra.
Description: Speedhunters fitted the 86X with a the 2JZ-GTE 3.4-liter inline six from the old Supra and tuned it to two increments: one with 640 horsepower and 592 pound-feet of torque, and another boosted to an e...
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Jon Ashley Aug 07, 2012
I don't know. using the 2JZ engine to turn it into a drift car is ok, but it kind of ruins the balance.
Devin Babyn Aug 07, 2012
I think the supra's are ugly and this is gorgeous. Plus this lil boxer ain't got shit on a 2JZ
Byakka Hirakawa Aug 07, 2012
Takes away wat the car is If u wanted a 2jz motor, buy a supra Im most sure that boxer motor could get to the same point as the 2jz motor with alil work
Brady Fereday Aug 07, 2012
This was the kind of engine I wanted to see this car have in the first place or at least the STI motor to start with
Devin Babyn Aug 07, 2012
Oh that's an engine that this car deserves
Chris Penza Aug 07, 2012
This is awesome. I know a lot of gearheads will do this engine swap now
Flymcbean Aug 07, 2012
Why would you want turbo if you could just swap in a 2JZ
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Aug 07, 2012
So the remedy to make this car fast is to drop a 2jz motor in it??? Why isnt anybody developing for the stock motor?? Keep seein motor swaps all over but no turbo builds.
Brady Fereday Aug 07, 2012
Lol that didn't take long I wonder if it fits nicely :D
Description: The orange, black and silver paint job was completed by AS Technical University. The interior was stripped out and equipped with racing buckets and harnesses, GS Performance steering wheel and column,...
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Tanner Middleton Aug 14, 2012
man oh man that last drift was fckin filthy. that s13 with gulf livery colours was rippin it up so fast around that upwards corner
Luke Murray Aug 10, 2012
Damn that engine sounds great wish i was In that car that day !!!
Colin Dzendolet Aug 07, 2012
you'd be able to see me cheesing in my helmet too if I was on that ride along
Eric Richardson Aug 07, 2012
It's Frederic aasbo......he is in formula d. In a scion tc.
Moe Sargi Aug 07, 2012
OMG!! This video just made my day. Great car great driver. And does anyone know the drivers name ? And why isnt he in formula d?
Ben Bourdon Aug 07, 2012
They really pulled those front tires out
Dan Marino Aug 07, 2012
Haha I love the camber
Liam Littlegriggzy Griggs Aug 10, 2012
This car his is only using in European :D
Tanner Middleton Aug 09, 2012
favorite drift whips, + s13 silvia!
Larry Martino Aug 07, 2012
Does anyone know if he will use this car in Formula Drift next year?
Donte Perino Aug 07, 2012
I love all three cars!