Comments - Conquest Reveals $580k Evade SUV

Published: Aug 07, 2012
Description: Conquest Vehicles is best known for the Knight XV, its fully-armored luxury flagship. Now the Toronto-based firm has launched the Evade as its first unarmored SUV. Based on its hand-crafted, armored s...
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John M Weishahn Aug 08, 2012
And Vancouver is the smartest city in America.
Christopher Bryant Aug 08, 2012
If you were to read the article, it would probably answer your question, fir example where it says "Toronto-based company..." Correct me if I'm wrong, but last i knew, Toronto was in Canada...
John Serely Aug 07, 2012
@nick this is far, far more practical, the marauder is huuuge!....not that practicality matters in a car like this
Nick Benz Aug 07, 2012
Id rather pay for the marauder. Its cheaper and more badass than this anyway
Joey Pena Aug 07, 2012
No they're definitely made in Canada. Michael, you're thinking of the Marauder, which is made in Africa.
Michael Lopez Aug 07, 2012
I could be wrong but I think they are made in Africa
Ashen Fonseka Aug 07, 2012
@oscar I think they r I saw it top gear but I think this is a newer model
Oscar Galvan Aug 07, 2012
Aren't they from Canada?
Chayton Kaes Garverick Aug 09, 2012
I saw one on US41 in naples Florida
Thomas Isnt Green Aug 08, 2012
John M Weishahn Aug 08, 2012
It's a bit of a rapper's car I think.
Esam Mohammad Aug 08, 2012
I would need this in Syria :)
Connor Short Aug 07, 2012
It looks like the police thing from Fast Five
Adithya Chandrasekhar Aug 07, 2012
Holy shit!!! Imagine that baby tailgatin you at night
John Serely Aug 07, 2012
If drive it, but would rather have the armored version
Mike Conrad Aug 07, 2012
Did you enjoy 21 Jump Street, Dylan?
Alexander Gomez Aug 07, 2012
Doomsday Preppers
John P Jerse Aug 07, 2012
An unpopular dictator
Sean Wallace Aug 07, 2012
Who would need this
Kris C. Lopez Aug 07, 2012
That's unarmored?
persianfa08 Aug 07, 2012
its not worth it
Description: When it goes into production this fall, the Evade will be hand-built on a Ford F-550 Super Duty Chassis with an aluminum and steel body. The steering wheel, proprietary door hinges, running boards and...
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Bobby Bob Aug 08, 2012
As is the average consumer.
Description: "We wanted EVADE to set a new standard for our company in terms of pushing the boundaries from engineering to design to incorporating new user experiences without compromising the integrity of so...
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Dan J Tresham Aug 08, 2012
Electric widows.. Whoop de doo.
Matthew van der Linde Aug 07, 2012
Haha i think if you chose a petrol engine you'd be looking at gallons per mile rather than miles per gallon
Jordan Jackson Aug 07, 2012
Now THAT, is what I call standard equipment, lmai
Corey Mullis Aug 08, 2012
you're right they totally are jeep tailights
Zach Sullivan Aug 07, 2012
wasting gas... like a boss
Mike Conrad Aug 07, 2012
For an unarmoured vehicle you'd think they could have added some bigger windows for visibility.
Alec Lindgren Aug 07, 2012
looks like Grand Cherokee taillights from the 2005-2010 MY
Christian De Prisco Aug 07, 2012
Better than mayback