Comments - Audi Aims to Overpower BMW M5 with New RS6

Published: Aug 07, 2012
Description: If you thought the horsepower wars were over in Germany, think again. Because while the elite cadre of luxury muscle cars have been getting smaller engines, they've hardly been getting less power...
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Paul Pickard Aug 08, 2012
Tyler I couldn't agree more. For my money I'd have to go with one of the best sounding/looking cars in this class. In my opinion.
Tyler Tarbox Aug 08, 2012
Much rather have an AMG or a CTS-V
Steven Velez Aug 08, 2012
cant answer that without any bias seeing as i lean towards the M
Bobby Bob Aug 08, 2012
Hasn't the BMW M5 been universely praised for it's driving sensation and nearly always described as best in it's class? That's a tall goal to overcome, yes? I could very well be mistaken, although, as it's 8 a.m. here and I just awoke from surgery..
Reece Rhys Loughmiller Aug 07, 2012
All that horsepower is useless though of they keep limiting all their cars to 155
Matt Piccolo Aug 07, 2012
(not to say the BMW isn't a good car or doesn't look good)
Matt Piccolo Aug 07, 2012
I think the rs6 could take down the m5! And the rs6 looks miles better too
Stephen Reed Warren II Aug 07, 2012
AMG all the way.
Zachary Maurer Aug 07, 2012
Personally I'm more of an Amg and rs over m kind of guy, but I think it's a matter of opinion, I really think the m5 is more in-your-face than the rs6, but the rs6 has more beauty to it, but idk, maybe it's just me
Ashen Fonseka Aug 07, 2012
Rs and m over amg anyday
John Serely Aug 07, 2012
@david haha I'm usually the opposite amg or m over RS anyday lol
Das Stig Aug 07, 2012
6 is a higher number than 5... bit I still like the m5 better.
David Justice Aug 07, 2012
I'm bias towards Audi, so RS over any M or AMG.
John Serely Aug 07, 2012
This will be an interesting matchup. Personally, for a DD I would automatically go with the RS6, because of the Quattro AWD, but if I lives in a warmer place, it would be a tough decision. I really like the looks of the new A6/S6, too.
Paul Gladman Aug 07, 2012
this RS6 is definitely gonna perform better than the old one though. the old one only had a 8 hp increase but the new is gonna weigh a whole lot less.
Paul Gladman Aug 07, 2012
i think the RS6 will be better as far as looks. dont like the new M5 as far as looks at all. i thought the E60 and E39 M5s were amazing. as far as performance....i dunno. The RS5 is kind of disappointing compared to the M3 and C63 AMG
Stephen Reed Warren II Aug 07, 2012
@steven. More horsepower? Or faster 0-60?
Steven Whowhat Aug 07, 2012
faster is better
Al Tungupon Aug 07, 2012
Audi keeps making RS cars faster than their BMW M counterparts, but never better.
Description: Now Audi is preparing to roll out a new RS6 to challenge the 560hp M5 and the 550hp Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG. The previous RS6 used a twin-turbo V10 with 580 hp, but the next one is tipped to pack a more...
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Bobby Bob Aug 08, 2012
Yes it's generally best to use meager stock profits to purchase more low cost-high return stocks to profit. Profit will exponentially increase in most cases. But I bought a car off stock money so I can't argue.
Jimmy Bartolotta Aug 07, 2012
A guy that rents a boat slip at my grandfather's house actually owns an RS6 with the v10. It not only looks great but it sounds amazing. Idk what year it is though.
Leigh Martin Aug 07, 2012
Carlton, if you really are focused on the green, don't sell stock to buy a car. Unless it an appreciating one of course.
Nick Sti Aug 07, 2012
I love the twin turbo V8 craze going on
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Aug 07, 2012
Oh yea come to daddy. Just might sell some stock to get this. Hmmm
David Justice Aug 07, 2012
If not to the US, at least over here to Canada! ;)
Tomas Arango Ferreira Aug 11, 2012
Very plain in my opinion. E63 looks much better
Jake Smerky Myatt Aug 08, 2012
This is just the S6 not the RS6 the RS6 in blue is the old one
Matt Piccolo Aug 07, 2012
Audi really has a goo team of designers right now! GO AUDI... This definately tops the m5 looks wise
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Aug 07, 2012
I wonder if it will do better against the new M5 than the RS5 did against the M5
Ashen Fonseka Aug 07, 2012
Oooooooo looks awesome
Zaire Wilkins Aug 07, 2012
idk the M5 sounds weak but looks good this looks good and sounds better
John Serely Aug 07, 2012
I think it looks better than this generation, but if I ignored my need for AWD, if get a prev gen M5, I really love the looks, and the V10
Carlos Gallego Rodriguez Aug 07, 2012
I don't think that. And i am complitly sure that they are going to make a good car, but not as good as the old one, the same that happened with the new RS4
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Aug 07, 2012
You are correct sir
Logan LeMonnier Aug 07, 2012
Better looking then the m5 I think
Tomas Arango Ferreira Aug 11, 2012
Older RS6's looked just wild, this thing looks like anything else out there
Bobby Bob Aug 08, 2012
I would undoubtly lean towards the CTS-V if one was sold at a price so low here. Thank you, I understand the praise of the CTS-V now.
Cody Fullerton Aug 08, 2012
Caddy is about 40% less than the Germans in North America on average.
Bobby Bob Aug 08, 2012
How expensive is the CTS-V in America? Because over here it's roughly on par pricewise with it's German rivals, if not slightly more expensive.
John Serely Aug 07, 2012
I'd rather have the ctsv over this, but not over an e63 or m5! Anyways, this looks great, but the caddy in black looks really mean
Matt Piccolo Aug 07, 2012
I'd take this over a cts-v in a second
Alec Lindgren Aug 07, 2012
this car is so epic i would get one in heartbeat
Jordan Jackson Aug 07, 2012
That cuz ur completely biased against American cars Michael, we've established this already
Paul Dickey Aug 07, 2012
Maybe because it's not european?
Michael Nascimento Aug 07, 2012
If I could afford this. I'd get it without thinking. The Cadillac is half the price but it doesent have that little thing that makes European car a European car.
Dan Marino Aug 07, 2012
I'd take a cts-v over it any day of the week.
Zaire Wilkins Aug 07, 2012
the worlds most powerful wagon then its the CTS-V
John Serely Aug 07, 2012
I wish they brought these to the US
Nick Sti Aug 07, 2012
Favorite high performance family wagon. Beautiful
Bobby Bob Aug 08, 2012
I've always thought engines were fantastic to look at until they started putting those plastic covers upon them.
Zachary Maurer Aug 07, 2012
@dan, ya, it's an engine, usually they look boring -__-