Comments - AM General Offering Humvee Kits

Published: Aug 07, 2012
Description: The saga of the Hummer is a long one. It dates back to 1984 when the US military commissioned the original High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV) program from AM General, which lead to the...
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Wyatt Gordon Aug 07, 2012
Or, you can just buy a used Hummer
William Davidson Aug 07, 2012
i bet green peace will use them as corporate cars lol
Wmg Chinchilla Oct 19, 2013
Nnnn. Sdlac, m solumWq
Craig Lafey Aug 07, 2012
Bring Hummer back damn it!!! These are badass.
Description: According to reports, AM General has reacquired the rights to sell the go-anywhere trucks to civilians once again. But rather than marketing the vehicle that became the Hummer H1 Alpha, or the GM pick...
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Caner Ozdemir Aug 07, 2012
I know this sorta off topic, but imagine a humvee stuck in traffic with you, happened to me yesterday coming back from NYC and there were 4 military humvees stuck in traffic with me :p
Anton Zhukov Aug 07, 2012
Good luck with those sports cars when the zombie apocalypse comes.
Jordan Jackson Aug 07, 2012
Agreed nick, GT40 FTW, lol
Nick Sti Aug 07, 2012
Id want the GT40
Donte Perino Aug 07, 2012
I want a real Lotus Seven.
Description: It also means they'll have to buy an engine and transmission to install in a vehicle that will have no doors, roof, interior trim or even much of a floor to speak of, really. Only the four-door c...
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Paul Dickey Aug 07, 2012
There's a used H1 by me wagon in red for 30k
Caner Ozdemir Aug 07, 2012
I saw a used h1 for 6k in PA, but i rather get a silverado then pay for 8mpg
Anton Zhukov Aug 07, 2012
If they could drop the price to about 60k, they wouldn't be able to keep up with production. I remember in about 96 or 97 they started at less than 40k for a 2dr truck and the wagon was less than 60k.
John Serely Aug 07, 2012
@dale I've seen several of the nice ones go for well over 100k
Dale Schroeder Aug 07, 2012
I can't see who would want these at such a high price when buying a second-hand Hummer is much easier and cheaper. Even H1's are going for a fair bit less then $75k these days.
Devin Babyn Aug 07, 2012
Holy shit they costed $140,000!?!?! No wonder they went under
Patrick Schalk Aug 08, 2012
Ah he doesn't need lockers right here. This is easy
Miguel Jimenez Aug 07, 2012
Looks like he's having fun lol!
Colin Dzendolet Aug 07, 2012
I was just about to ask where the locking diffs went lol
Nick Benz Aug 07, 2012
Turn on your lockers dude
Jason Dykhoff Aug 07, 2012
Humvee racing any one else want to see that?
Zachary Maurer Aug 08, 2012
@isaac, the one the hummer is driving through obviously
Zachary Maurer Aug 08, 2012
A puddle hardly noticeable...
Bobby Junior Aug 07, 2012
Ummmm...whales don't live in lakes
Lee Gardner Aug 07, 2012
Wow you need a life
Das Stig Aug 07, 2012
I've still got loads of it in my freezer.
Das Stig Aug 07, 2012
my z3 m coupe can literally do everything this car can. last week, I drove on the bottom of a lake, rolled my window down, turned on the air full blast so no wanted would get in, and then I went fishing, on the bottom of a lake. I caught a baluga wale so I had to tow it out.
Dylan Bruder Aug 07, 2012
Yes they will bad machines
tysquirrel10s Aug 07, 2012
the air intake is above the roof so it can go that deep in the water
Andrew McNeal Aug 07, 2012
Now this is extreme extreme off-roading.
Lee Gardner Aug 07, 2012
Those things will go through anything