Comments - 8:00 of Thousand-hp Street Racing

Published: Aug 07, 2012
Description: The Nissan GT-R has a reputation for being imperious on the roadways. This week's edition of Drag Race Tuesdays features two such Japanese supercars upgraded to Veyron power levels. The bright o...
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Description: The thousand-horse Godzillas are joined by 9ff's modified Porsche 911 GT2, whose flat six also tops the kilo mark, and a turbocharged Lamborghini Gallardo with 1,100 from Underground Racing. So ...
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Domi Bsaibes Aug 08, 2012
I guess the gt2 brake boosted @ 1.20 i don't know bcz i know that's what evo and sti do when they have big turbos. It was lightning fast!
Carlos Eduardo Gaviria Aug 08, 2012
I know @1:20 that car moved at the speed of light, kinda like when UFOs disappear from the camera
Edo Hrnjić Aug 08, 2012
The camera car obviously braked guys... Wtf. Its not rocket science.
Mena Girgis Aug 08, 2012
What the heck is that in 1:21!!!! That's is not normal!!!
Imer Dervishi Aug 07, 2012
Justin same here !
Justin Tucker Aug 07, 2012
I agree, the GTR trans shifts really rough as well( if that's what your referring too sorry)
Jairo Garcia Aug 07, 2012
That GT2 is nice, but underground racing kills the competition with those gallardos. Someone needs to make a better transmission for the gt-r, they will make a lot of money.
Kyryl Martynov Aug 07, 2012
U problly dont.. its Russia lol
Domi Bsaibes Aug 07, 2012
where is that country?? i wanna live in it!
Justin Tucker Aug 07, 2012
@ 1:20....I have never seen a street car move so fast in my life. That was unreal!
Rowan Rdizz Welch Aug 07, 2012
what a awesome video except the sound quality
Pablo Herasme Aug 07, 2012
That was some clunky shifts in the GT-, also I'm started to notice highly tuned GTR's sound like R-34.
Byakka Hirakawa Aug 07, 2012
Iono how i feel for the gt-r Has so much power not a whole lot can beat it, but that lot was beating it, lol
Colin Dzendolet Aug 07, 2012
that AMS GTR is so sick
John Serely Aug 07, 2012
That 911 was a beast!
Brady Fereday Aug 07, 2012
As much as I LOVE the GTR that Lamborghini is a demon and it's amazing :)
Tyler Tarbox Aug 08, 2012
Orange on a GT-R? No thanks
Jose Hernandez Aug 07, 2012
Where was my baby the Aventador?
Ashen Fonseka Aug 07, 2012
I'll have the gallardo
Peter Mark Gacek Aug 07, 2012
I'll have them all!
Pablo Herasme Aug 07, 2012
Take the the 911 and GTR
John Serely Aug 07, 2012
911 for me without hesitation
Pablo Herasme Aug 07, 2012
Night demons squad