Comments - 5 Chevy Sonic Stunts

Published: Aug 07, 2012
Description: The Chevy Sonic has been all over the place of late. It has gone skydiving, starred in a music video and was even kickflipped. Chevy's unique advertising campaign has used viral videos to help ge...
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Description: If you don't watch television there's a good chance that you've never seen the Sonic skydive before. This stunt is cool in the sense that not many cars go skydiving, but it points for c...
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Trevor Christianson Jan 19, 2013
I wish they would have shown the explosin
Tj Marten Aug 18, 2012
I don't understand what this stunt proves. I think most cars can fall out of a plane
James E Caldwell Aug 07, 2012
Looks like it had some sort of parachute, but given they don't show the landing. I'm guessing it did not go so well.
Jordan Jackson Aug 07, 2012
Yea... Never understood why they chose this stunt to show off the sonic, considering the inevitable crater that will ensue, lol
Description: Anyone who watched the most recent Super Bowl has already seen Rob Dyrdek do a kickflip in the Sonic. That being said, the stunt is still awesome, and this clip shows behind the scenes images and addi...
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Brandon Harp Aug 09, 2012
just in case if anyone can't tell, he's the guy from the show "ridiculousness"
Jordan Jackson Aug 07, 2012
Haha, 1:03 the driver is like "dear god, don't let me die in a Chevy sonic stunt"
Description: For some odd reason, Chevy decided to take the Sonic bungee jumping in Long Beach, California. The stunt is not nearly as awesome as when the four-door hatchback went skydiving or did a kickflip, but ...
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Description: Chevy stopped pushing the Sonic out of airplanes and off of ledges long enough to turn it into a robotic art car. The car was then given to street artist Jeff Soto, who proceeded to create an awesome ...
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Ben August Aug 07, 2012
That was actually really cool
Jordan Jackson Aug 07, 2012
That was pretty cool
Description: Chevy teamed up with OK Go to show just how versatile the Sonic is. In addition to being able to fit an entire band inside of it and paint a mural, the hot hatch can also be used to make an entire mus...
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Bruno Nguyen Aug 23, 2012
That was a cool video
Thomas Bechard Aug 07, 2012
Wow. This is amazing. I guess you can do a lot with an advertising budget and some creative people.
Mike Ulickey Aug 07, 2012
That was awesome!
Ben August Aug 07, 2012
This is literally advertising it's bells and whistles.
Ahmed Barrasali Aug 08, 2012
Still dont like it.
Ammar Sj Aug 08, 2012
That's amazing!!
Chandler Vest Aug 07, 2012
that is scarey but fun