Comments - McLaren: V12 is 'a Thing of the Past'

Published: Aug 06, 2012
Description: It's been a long time since McLaren made a car with a V12. And it may be a while longer before it makes one again, if at all. The legendary McLaren F1 packed a BMW-sourced 6.0-liter V12, but the ...
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Brandon Lidy Aug 07, 2012
It is a 6.0xx liter engine so it could go either way
Jonathan Bowen Aug 06, 2012
Pretty sure it was a 6.1-liter
Gary Dunphy Aug 06, 2012
The lights are angled to illuminate around corners on the track.
Dylan Bruder Aug 06, 2012
Maybe to channel more air into the vent?
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Aug 06, 2012
Aerodynamics I suppose
Steven Whowhat Aug 06, 2012
why are those hood lights crossed like that?
Description: Instead the McLaren F1 successor will take its power from a more powerful version of the twin-turbo 3.8-liter V8 in the MP4-12C with as much as 800 horsepower - more than Ferrari and Lamborghini get o...
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Dale Schroeder Aug 07, 2012
V12 engines will still be around, just only in highly specialized cars made more for collectors than actual drivers.
Brandon Lidy Aug 07, 2012
V12s will soon be gone. It's sad, but a very possible future.
Preston Ming Aug 06, 2012
V12s do make a sexy note..and just saying it, "V12", you are talking power! but think of it this way..forced induction to a V8, can produce just as much if not more power, save weight, and have reasonable fuel economy.
Adithya Chandrasekhar Aug 06, 2012
@Paul, thats why lamborghini bought ducati
Paul Lissona Aug 06, 2012
Somebody should keep making huge engines.
Scott Gracey Aug 06, 2012
More cylinders is more weight ya but I love the sound of 10s and 12s
Chris Gaines Aug 06, 2012
that's a bold comment, saying they belong in museums. I lost a bit of respect for mclaren right there :,(
Zaire Wilkins Aug 06, 2012
the new mclaren and bmw M5 sound like I4's hopefully this car will have a nice exhaust note
Dylan Bruder Aug 06, 2012
I disagree I know it's not practical but there's something bout a v12
Timothy Hooker Aug 06, 2012
no I agree with the other guy...I think they typoed ...they aren't using 4 cylinder engines
Corey Mullis Aug 06, 2012
50% fewer meaning half of 8, as in 4. dummy
Matty Michaels Aug 06, 2012
"50% fewer cylinders," half of a V12 is a V6 not V8?!?
Wyatt Gordon Aug 06, 2012
I would make an ultra-light car with a BMW Twin turbo straight six from the M3
Description: On the other hand, V12s command the ultimate bragging rights (or penultimate, anyway, once you take the sixteen-cylinder Bugatti Veyron into account), and naturally have the capacity to - even if they...
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Nick Verstrate Dec 26, 2012
Personally, I'd have developed for me and my usage a 4-line, dual-V 16-cylinder engine with the cylinders in a format like this: \| |/ . Eh? High-power possibilities much?
Samuel Bonorden Aug 09, 2012
Let Lamborghini and definitely Pagani keep their v 12
Kyle Kloewer Aug 08, 2012
I'd want a 26 liter v12
Julian Rasolko Aug 08, 2012
Id take a 6 cylinder... something like 3 liters and 300-400 hp
Scott Gracey Aug 07, 2012
Id go for a Smaller V8, like a 3L, maybe even 2.8, something alot like the F40
Zaire Wilkins Aug 07, 2012
muscle cars V8's are only good for launch and acceleration but they suck for top end well exotic V8's can do better i think they should make this mclaren 4.5 liters instead
Jackson Rojas Aug 07, 2012
I'll take an inline 6 with my 911
Colby Church Aug 07, 2012
@Majed Yeah bro, muscle car engines are lazy. That's why it's easy to build them past 1500 horsepower, and are used in all top ten of the worlds fastest street legal cars, the first being a TT454 1963 Corvette that's runs a 6.9 1/4 mile at 215 mph.
Jean Paul Soto Aug 07, 2012
Personally a car can't just have a V8 or V12. You don't think of a Chevrolet Impala with a V12? Makes complete sense why Lamborghini sticks with their known V12 engineered vehicles, because that's what is expected.
Brandon Lidy Aug 07, 2012
I'd like a 1.5 liter turbocharged 8 cylinder. Preferably on a super light chassis
Garrett Hullender Aug 06, 2012
What happened to all the v12s? God I hate Eco people... How the he'll do you make a Lamborghini Eco friendly....??? This is just sad
Nick Yekikian Aug 06, 2012
I'll have a flat 8... Just cuz
Scott Gracey Aug 06, 2012
Not always Sean but for the most part ya lol
Sean Win Aug 06, 2012
How many cylinder in your car same as how much money in your pocket !
Scott Gracey Aug 06, 2012
Majed haha I lol'd at that
Jackson Bond Aug 06, 2012
I'd have the pagani. The point of a super car is to be loud and insane and crazy, because they are the only ones able to pull it off. Go with a v12 keep it crazy
Majed Ameeri Aug 06, 2012
There are two kinds of V8 a quick small capacity one like in The Maclaren and a big lazy one in muscle cars
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Aug 06, 2012
I would take a V10 because of the sound and is lighter than a v12
Jack Howard Aug 06, 2012
Actually the P51 Mustang WWII plane did it first.
Parker Lamoreaux Aug 06, 2012
If I had the money for a supercar, it would have a V12. And the name "Pagani" would be on the car.
Dillon Dixon Aug 06, 2012
Maybe it's bc I'm a huge muscle car fanatic, but I love a huge V8. I like my supercar to brute force, kinda like the Venom GT.
Lee Gardner Aug 06, 2012
Thanks Wyatt I didn't know that
Dylan Bruder Aug 06, 2012
I'll have 8 too because I'm a huge corvette fan but the 10s and 12s must stay!!!
Ken Kirtland Aug 06, 2012
I'll go with the V8, its not because I'm moving with the times though, its because its common sense. We have hypercars making 1200+ hp V8s with only two turbos. the engines are smaller, lighter, more efficient, more reliable, and IMO have better sounds.
Geoff Novak Aug 06, 2012
Give me one cyl for all i care. As long as it looks and sounds great on a track i wouldnt mind.
Wyatt Gordon Aug 06, 2012
@Lee, yes you can. Lancia did it first, and im pretty sure that the SSC ultimate Aero or some other hypercar like it has that
Lee Gardner Aug 06, 2012
I'll take eight and I was wondering if you could put a supercharger and a turbo at the same time
Adithya Chandrasekhar Aug 06, 2012
Wierd clinic name... UENO
Kyle Smith Aug 06, 2012
I could really go for some cranberry juice right now
Zaire Wilkins Aug 06, 2012
mmmm cranberry juice
Josiah Thomas Clements Aug 06, 2012
Even the engine is beautiful...
persianfa08 Aug 06, 2012
beauty and powerfull and so clean
Extremis Colson Aug 07, 2012
daaaaaaamnnnn! LOL
Jordan Jackson Aug 07, 2012
... And make sure you have "adequate" life insurance to go with them, lol
Jordan Jackson Aug 07, 2012
@corey, and you'd better sign some waivers too
Corey Alan Kelley Aug 07, 2012
Imagine this on a go cart you better be wearing a 5 point harness
David Purcell Aug 07, 2012
That would look so bad ass in my garage...or in my car for that matter lol
Josh Carlisle Aug 06, 2012
It's not so much the turbo set up ( but it does help) as all the internals capable of running the rpm. I had a 91 z32tt with aftermarket cams and valve train with stock turbos and pistons. With that I could rev out to 8000rpm.
Dennis Choong Aug 06, 2012
It's amazing how this engine can rev to 8500rpm with a twin turbo
Stephen Reed Warren II Aug 06, 2012
That's just megatron
Cham Khiev Aug 06, 2012
Thats jus an intake manifold lol and turbochargers on the exhaust manifolds
Paul Dickey Aug 06, 2012
Fairly certain that's not a supercharger.
Lee Gardner Aug 06, 2012
What a supercharger