Comments - Capristo Carbonates the Lamborghini Aventador

Published: Aug 06, 2012
Description: Capristo has developed an extensive new tuning job for the Lamborghini Aventador. The customized Italian supercar now packs a brand-new exhaust system developed by German engineers and a spectacular b...
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Description: Capristo has shaved roughly 200 lbs from the Aventador's curb weight, bringing that total down to 3,472 lbs thanks to the carbon body kit that includes a new diffuser, front lip spoiler, grille, ...
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Paul Lissona Aug 06, 2012
I agree Adam, It wouldn't be good to send it to a Chinese one either.
Garrett Hullender Aug 06, 2012
Aventador is gonna be car of the year again cause unlike the Ferrari f12 it doesn't have an ugly back end
Adam Reisdorf Aug 06, 2012
I would be a bit apprehensive about handing my brand new Italian supercar over to a Taiwanese tuning company.
Jordan Jackson Aug 06, 2012
I wish they had a video to let us hear what it sounds like with it's new exhaust
Christian De Prisco Aug 06, 2012
Description: These figures represent improvements over the factory numbers by 0.1 seconds and 3mph, respectively. Apparently Capristo is still toying with the one-off Lamborghini Aventador aftermarket program and ...
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John Serely Aug 06, 2012
@wyatt exactly that I meant, lol, I like it when can't see the four little pipes
Tin Nguyen Aug 06, 2012
Damn... Lok at those rear tires. So wide.
Wyatt Gordon Aug 06, 2012
@John, the stock exhaust has always looked like that. normally, you just cant see the 4 little pipes inside the big one, but theyve always been there.
David Purcell Aug 06, 2012
They have a aventador but have a shity camera?
Dillon Magee Aug 06, 2012
I wish the picture was better.
John Serely Aug 06, 2012
I don't know about that exhuast
Ashen Fonseka Aug 06, 2012
Black and white looks good
Todd Muhlfelder Jan 03, 2013
They should of used some carbon fiber !
Killian Wright Aug 06, 2012
The aventador shoots flames out the exhaust right?
David Purcell Aug 06, 2012
That looks pretty sick
Jordan Jackson Aug 06, 2012
Agreed 100%, that's awesome!
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Aug 06, 2012
Thats beautiful!