Comments - 2014 Porsche 918 Spyder Unveiled in Production Guise?

Published: Aug 06, 2012
Description: We all like a good party, especially when it's thrown by one of the world's premiere sports car companies. As often the case, these parties are invitation-only for the brand's most loya...
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Andrew McNeal Aug 06, 2012
How might I get to know some of these "loyal and wealthy customers"? Hmm...
Description: This video taken at the party is currently making the rounds on YouTube. Comparing the 918 on display in the video to the original concept, it packs some tell-tale signs of the finalized version.
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Andrew McNeal Aug 06, 2012
Probably about the same time, I remember hearing about the Enzo in 2000.
John Serely Aug 06, 2012
@ashen besides the panamera? If you can't tell a cayyene from a boxster, then your an idiot (SUV to convertible). Even 911 to cayman is easy, but whatever, you don't know anything about Porsches anyways, haha. Even a 911 turbo to GT3 is easy.
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Aug 06, 2012
I think this car is a great follow up to the Carrera GT I just wish it had a naturaly aspirated V10 instead of the V8 hybrid set up
Nick Schnee Aug 06, 2012
It's quite easy to tell a Porsche model by looking at the air intakes on the sides, for example. They ARE different.
Ashen Fonseka Aug 06, 2012
If they were the same color with the same wheels I wouldn't know except for the panemara
John Serely Aug 06, 2012
@ashen what? Only Porsche that an be distinguished from the others? What are you talking about? If you can't tell a panamera from a boxster, you dont know anything about cars! Even a GT2RS from a Turbo is very, very easy!
Ashen Fonseka Aug 06, 2012
The alloys match the car perfectly only porche that can be distinguished from the others except for the GT carrera
Dillon Dixon Aug 06, 2012
Wow, that right there is how you start to tease the public. That made me very excited to see the full revealing.
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Aug 06, 2012
Omg. Idk if it was the music lol but That car looks soooo good. Just uber sexy.
Buzz Roberts Aug 07, 2012
Honestly, it isn't bad looking. It's made my top 10 list.
Lee Goodman Aug 07, 2012
that car looks amazing im glad its in production now :)
Ben August Aug 07, 2012
Hate: typically a sign of jealousy. Don't let these jealous little kids bother you.
Wyatt Gordon Aug 06, 2012
@Ashen, your comment on the NASCAR crash picture in the news roundup did make me laugh ALOT, but here you just look a bit of an idiot, frankly.
Dillon Dixon Aug 06, 2012
Did you notice all the haters didn't even spell Porsche right? Well me and my "girly" car are gonna go have some major fun in the track while you and you "manly" car drive through town with the rest of the "manly" cars.
Brady Fereday Aug 06, 2012
Holy shit they keep those awesome wheels :D
Bobby Junior Aug 06, 2012
@ashen take a certain "flattened beetle with yellow calipers" called the 911 turbo s. Can a normal beetle go from 0-60 in 2.6 sec? Can a normal beetle do nearly 200 mph? Can a normal beetle change gear in less than 100 milliseconds? No!
John Serely Aug 06, 2012
@stephen your right. Compared to the 911 or panamera, they are somewhat feminine, but compared to other 2 seat convertibles for that money, they are not at all (SLK etc)
Nick Schnee Aug 06, 2012
@John: I know right? I was wondering what he's doing here since I saw his Beetle and R8 comments.
Andrew McNeal Aug 06, 2012
Even the base 2012 Boxster, the cheapest Porsche available, I'd still consider a cool "man's" car. Go back to your "girly" VW beetles and Kia's
Stephen Reed Warren II Aug 06, 2012
@john - agreed. But I have to say not only the first gen boxsters are girl cars. I know the new ones are sick - but I still think they are kinda chick cars. I guess compared to other Porsches. Kinda like the California compared to other ferraris
John Serely Aug 06, 2012
@ashen haha your comment made me laugh. If you think all porsches are flattened beetles with yellow calipers, you should really find another app, because this for people who know at least a little about cars
John Serely Aug 06, 2012
@upton must not know anything about all. Lol that was a very stupid and ignorant comment. Except for the first gen boxsters, they are not girly. But, you probably like civics and stuff like that, so you wouldn't know, nice try lol
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Aug 06, 2012
@ uptpwn, you couldn't have done a better job of making yourself look like an ignorant idiot who cant appreciate ultamite levels of engineering and heritage
Adithya Chandrasekhar Aug 06, 2012
I think what Ashen means is that they copied the carrera gt, and that is stupid
Ashen Fonseka Aug 06, 2012
They should just keep making flattened VW beetles whith ugly yellow calipers
Ryan Haverty Aug 06, 2012
That is one beautiful looking car! I have been anxious to see what the production version will look like. This has a timeless look, will look great for years to come. Someone at my local Porsche dealership has a deposit on one can't wait to see it
uptown Aug 06, 2012
porshes are just women's cars
John Serely Aug 06, 2012
@ashen Porsche copies others, and don't design their own cars? What are you talking about lol?!?
Stephen Reed Warren II Aug 06, 2012
Something about it looks dated to me
Ashen Fonseka Aug 06, 2012
No ferraris are way nicer porche copied others this isn't how they design cars
Dillon Dixon Aug 06, 2012
I just love how Porsche designed it to be a roadster from the beginning. That's just something only Porsche would do. This is way more beautiful than any new Ferrari.
John Serely Aug 06, 2012
That is one of the best looking cars I've seen in a while!
Description: For example, this car features marker lamps integrated into the front bumper, with the left side having a clear finish while the right has an amber lens. This was probably done in order to show the di...
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Description: We also managed to spot the reflectors on the rear bumper and exhaust pipes that are now located behind the headrests, as opposed the 2010 concept's side-exit exhausts. All told, the mid-engined ...
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Kyle Kloewer Aug 08, 2012
The F70 or whatever they'll call it will probably cost more
David Guerrero Aug 07, 2012
@ andrew Where the hell to do you live, my house is decent 2 stories and it's worth 1.3 million. For 850k where I live buys you a small home or an ugly one
Bobby Junior Aug 06, 2012
Guys youre kinda missing the point of the price. It's exclusive and it goes like the clappers. 'Nuff said.
Domi Bsaibes Aug 06, 2012
Name me one single hybrid supercar that packs as much horsepower and weighs less than this? It deserves more than 850 000$ porsche will be miles ahead from other companies
Andrew McNeal Aug 06, 2012
$850,000?! What possibly makes it worth the cost of TWO very nice, large two story homes in most places??
Alex Smith Aug 06, 2012
$850,000 for a Porsche? No thanks.
persianfa08 Aug 06, 2012
its so expensive rather than their competitor
Scott Gracey Aug 06, 2012
It could be 4000 pounds, with that kinda hp and all the torque it's gonna pump out from motors it's gonna fly
Zaire Wilkins Aug 06, 2012
thats steaper than the ferarri F70
Dylan Bruder Aug 06, 2012
Battery packs sure aren't light
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Aug 06, 2012
Thats kinda hefty
Bobby Junior Aug 06, 2012
Claimed less than 1700 kg, or 3750 lbs
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Aug 06, 2012
Wonder how much it will weigh
Jordan Jackson Aug 07, 2012
Besides, who cares if it does have R8 qualities? Audi and porsche are both owned by VW, they even share some technology
Jordan Jackson Aug 07, 2012
... Not someone stating an observation or an opinion.
Jordan Jackson Aug 07, 2012
Thank you David, I hate it when people get pissed off over comparisons, who cares if they're annoying?! Save your anger for trolls and real idiots
Michael Evans Aug 07, 2012
Talking about the taillight it does look like a r8 or is it the r8 look like it
Matt Piccolo Aug 06, 2012
@ ashen... Please tell me what part of this car looks like an r8? Please, please tell!!
Kris C. Lopez Aug 06, 2012
I feel like they weren't exactly ready yet so they tacked on the changes they made to the first concept car they showed back then and "unveiled" now
King Rich Aug 06, 2012
love the car and all, but honestly, the back looks like an R8
Eric Anthony Aug 06, 2012
This is nice, but tha first prototype seemed better.
Bobby Junior Aug 06, 2012
Doesn't have air vents in front of mirrors like the spy cars
Domi Bsaibes Aug 06, 2012
Agreed with dillon! And it doesn't look like an r8 this would shit on an r8!
Gavin Jaunky Aug 06, 2012
How can you not see the similarity to the R8?
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Aug 06, 2012
This looks like an R8 in the same way that every mid engined supercar looks like an R8
Boyd Boudreaux Aug 06, 2012
I agree with ashen, from doors back especially. Next pic looks like the start of the blade. Good looking tho
Oscar Galvan Aug 06, 2012
If you're on drugs then yes it does
Ashen Fonseka Aug 06, 2012
Looks like an R8
Dillon Dixon Aug 06, 2012
That exhaust is stunning. It will be pure eargasm when this thing revs up.
Jacob Mullner Aug 07, 2012
I wonder if Porsche designed this car to have the special feature that causes spontaneous/catastrophic wheel lug failure (ala 997.2 GT3)
Brady Fereday Aug 06, 2012
Center lug nice :D
Justin ChalkChalk Smalyinator Aug 07, 2012
Kia K9 has lights that sense when a car is coming toward you and they dip that sides lights, keeping the other side on full beam. Could be the same here with the four light setup?
Kris C. Lopez Aug 06, 2012
Well I'm a bit torn between a conventional look or a unique new one, and because when I first saw the original concept I thought they would change the headlights for sure y'know like the way every concept changes when put into production
kolton Aug 06, 2012
I'm picking up whiffs of the Carrera GT from this car. I love the Carrera GT.
Andrew McNeal Aug 06, 2012
And that's a bad thing?
Kris C. Lopez Aug 06, 2012
This thing still has the prototypes headlights
Chris Cook Aug 06, 2012
not a fan of the headlights..put the headlights fromthe martini test mules and then we'll be in buisness