Comments - Honda Unveils 2012 Civic WTCC Racecar

Published: Aug 05, 2012
Description: This week, Honda began track testing its FIA World Touring Car Championship Civic racecar at the Vallelunga circuit near Rome, Italy, and at a circuit near the JAS Motorsport facility in Milan. 2009 W...
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Christian De Prisco Aug 06, 2012
Small wheels...I really thing this civic is more like a Prius and less like a hot hatch
Description: Alessandro Mariani, Team Principal of Honda Racing Team JAS said of the track test program: "To see the finished Civic finally on the race track is an extremely emotional moment for the whole tea...
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Description: The new race car, unveiled today in a stylish new livery, is the result of extensive wind-tunnel testing and features plenty of aerodynamic elements including an extended front and rear skirt that com...
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Ty Schuring Aug 07, 2012
Defiantly very ugly it's the worst looking civic ever
Ryan Patrick Clauson Aug 06, 2012
Ever since they went to the real change in civics in 2005 or so, things just went south, they got bigger, heavier, and the hatches just turned into ugly machines that couldn't compare to other SIS
Anthony Calderaro Aug 05, 2012
I have an '03 Si hatch that I absolutely love. So mich betfer looking then this thing
Malachi Monteiro Aug 05, 2012
This looks terrible.
Matt Piccolo Aug 05, 2012
Yea this, the current European model, is probably the ugliest civic ever
Maria Garcia Aug 05, 2012
@F1 Fanatic, my dad has a 90 si too and a 95 as well and he's the original owner to both of them. (:
F1 Fanatic Aug 05, 2012
I have a 90 si hatch. Original owner. She is about to celebrate her 22 birthday. I'll never give her up. :-)
Ryan Patrick Clauson Aug 05, 2012
The civic is the ugliest it's ever been, I miss the old simple clean hatchbacks and not these newer ugly hatches like this one and the model before.
F1 Fanatic Aug 05, 2012
That rear quarter panel looks like a CTS other words UGLY
Flymcbean Aug 05, 2012
No, i'm just wanting to know who else is stupid enough to have of tried it
Paul Lissona Aug 05, 2012
Haha somebody must've taken your phone... Right?
Flymcbean Aug 05, 2012
Have any one every tried pulling out a hair from down there with tweezers? Friggin hurts.
Matt Piccolo Aug 05, 2012
And u know that how lol
Malachi Monteiro Aug 05, 2012