Comments - Unique of the Week: 1959 Elva Courier Mk I

Published: Aug 04, 2012
Description: I've been a fan of small British roadsters ever since I was a kid. My dad owned a late seventies MGB for a short time and I have clear memories riding around town in it when I was barely three ye...
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Justin Routh Aug 04, 2012
The atom is more like a super high tech, fast go kart
Justin Routh Aug 04, 2012
I wouldnt compare the atom..
James E Caldwell Aug 04, 2012
The UK still produces small fun roadsters. We just rarely see the over here. Ariel Atom, Cateram 7, the UK has many small manufacturers who are exempt from crash testing because of small production numbers.
Description: While names such as MG, Triumph and Austin-Healey usually spring to mind immediately upon mention of small British roadsters, there was another company that also built them as well as race cars which ...
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Ben Bourdon Aug 04, 2012
The wood is a nice touch
Description: By the end of the fifties, Elva had quickly become a successful racing car company after competing in events such as Goodwood and 12 Hours of Sebring. Due to this success and the good reputation Elva ...
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Description: Like the MGs and Triumphs, the Elva was a two-seater open top car and it even had a lightweight fiberglass body, which was something quite revolutionary at the time. It actually weighed about 300 lbs....
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Description: They then moved the car's production to another factory. Nichols, however, still retained the rights to build the race cars. Unlike the Mark II, the Courier Mark III had a box frame and a coupe v...
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Description: Nichols, meanwhile, continued to build his race cars and even formed partnerships with the likes of McLaren. This ultra-rare 1959 Elva Courier Mk I, currently up for grabs on eBay, was recently found ...
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Wyatt Gordon Aug 04, 2012
haha nice gearstick
Description: The car was originally painted a light blue color but was repainted red in 1977 and the seller claims its body is also in decent shape. The original 1600 cc MGA engine was also swapped out somewhere a...
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Lee Gardner Aug 04, 2012
9 sec quarter mile right