Description: The Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG is one of the German brand's most powerful models. Riding on a set of ADV1 rims is this purple chrome example with a body kit by Wald International. The Japanese tuner&...
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Greg Lewis Aug 05, 2012
Sorry guys, this chrome is actually decent IMO. Not saying I'd do this to a car, but I like it
Danny Dc Aug 04, 2012
This car is from Brunei..Saw it yesterday on the road..looks good..
Colby Church Aug 04, 2012
Insert black headlights.
Ryan Spencer Aug 04, 2012
Wheels: very nice. I'd even be ok with a classy, dark purple if you really wanted it, but why this ugly chrome?
Scott Gracey Aug 04, 2012
I like the look of the purple with the black
Jose Miguel Fernandez Aug 04, 2012
Okay I don't understand the logic behind this. You buy an extremely expensive and beautiful car you take it and make it look like sh*t
Parker Lamoreaux Aug 04, 2012
I've driven one. Amazing exhaust note and ridiculously quick. Not sure what I think about purple chrome wrap though.
Zachary Maurer Aug 04, 2012
Hahaha @john who wouldnt want a chance to drive a biturbo v12, I just wouldn't drive it in public, maybe a quiet track sure....
Jose Miguel Fernandez Aug 04, 2012
The color is fine if you are a barbie doll
Judah Lindvall Aug 04, 2012
Color is fine just please no crome!!!
Ben Bourdon Aug 04, 2012
Just cause you got money doesn't mean you have taste
Dillon Magee Aug 04, 2012
That chrome is disgusting.
Dale Fredriks Aug 04, 2012
The thing is way too low and way too shiny. I would just make it the same purple, but without chrome.
Nick Schnee Aug 04, 2012
Actually, make it matte, and I'd drive it. Chrome doesn't work on a car as classy as this.
Todd Muhlfelder Aug 04, 2012
U couldn't dive in the same city twice. Gives a new meaning to arrest me red!
John Serely Aug 04, 2012
Haha. To be honest, I would actually drive it, but, I'd much, much rather have it stock
DeUahn Wells Aug 05, 2012
Who does that to a car....sheesh
DeUahn Wells Aug 05, 2012
This car couldn't be more gay if it had a penis in the tailpipe
Terrance Parker Aug 05, 2012
It's an attention getter but, not my style.