Comments - Leno FInally Gets his '63 Ford Falcon

Published: Aug 04, 2012
Description: Having fallen in love with a 1963 Ford Falcon Sprint while working at a Ford dealership as a boy, it has taken the Jay Leno almost half a century to rekindle his relationship with the 260-cubic-inch (...
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Drew Storrusten Aug 06, 2012
Man, if I had that money, I wouldn't have near as much cars as him. Lol. I'd have a select few that I'd wanna rebuild. An that would be it. Until.... I found another car I fell in love with. Hahaha.
Paul Lissona Aug 04, 2012
Yah his personally seems cool, and if I had that $ is buy tons of cars literally ha.
Andrew McNeal Aug 04, 2012
Wish I could be friends with him, he seems like one of us typical "car guys" but with the money to really enjoy car collecting.
Adam Mashiach Aug 04, 2012
He actually pulled up next to me with this falcon a few weeks back on Ventura in LA. It's a pretty car in person.
Justin Routh Aug 04, 2012
I always love jay lenos garage videos
Description: The Falcon Sprint was the prototype for the Mustang, and represents one of the first models born of executive Lee Iacocca's "Total Performance" program.

This particular model su...
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prodrag Aug 05, 2012
@ Corey. Thanks for giving the spec. I couldn't remember how close it was. LOL
Cory Poteet Aug 05, 2012
The Windsor block 302's are about 50cc's short of truly being 5.0's, so technically they're right, kinda pedantic not to call it a 5.0 when that's what ford called it but.....
prodrag Aug 05, 2012
Its actually true about the original 302 being 4.9L. The named it "five point o" because it had a catchy name and they felt that people wouldn't want it if it was the same as the inline 300 six which is also a 4.9L. Today's 5.0 Coyote is a true 5.0.
Chance Hales Aug 05, 2012
I was just about to comment on that Theo. I'm glad someone beat me to it. Carbuzz isn't always 100% accurate. lol
Theo Hubbard Aug 04, 2012
Pretty sure a 302 is a 5 liter but ok car buzz whatever you say lol
Caner Ozdemir Aug 04, 2012
There is something in this one of a kind classic that you cant find in supercars
Andrew McNeal Aug 04, 2012
Right, he truly loves cars, not just the fast exotic ones like a lot of celebrities have.
Andre Vettorato Aug 04, 2012
That's why jay is a true car person.. A car can cost 5 grand.. But if there is something about it and has s soul, there it is!
Drew Storrusten Aug 06, 2012
And, they would've been a one wheel wonder back then too. Props to Toby for rebuilding such a beautiful piece of history.
Paul Lissona Aug 05, 2012
Yah that's probably why.
Andrew McNeal Aug 04, 2012
I don't think reverse lights were required in 1963, not til a few years later.
Paul Lissona Aug 04, 2012
They added those back up lights.