Posted on: Aug 04, 2012
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Leno FInally Gets his '63 Ford Falcon

After years of searching, the Denim Chin finally got his hands on a Falcon Sprint.
Having fallen in love with a 1963 Ford Falcon Sprint while working at a Ford dealership as a boy, it has taken the Jay Leno almost half a century to rekindle his relationship with the 260-cubic-inch (4.3-liter) V8-powered classic.

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The Falcon Sprint was the prototype for the Mustang, and represents one of the first models born of executive Lee Iacocca's "Total Performance" program.

This particular model surfaced online built to Jay's ideal specs, the original V8 bored out to 302 cubic inches (4.9 liters) and hooked up to a five-speed transmission. Chassis flex is minimized thanks to a Monte Carlo strut tower brace and the battery now resides in the trunk for improved weight distribution.


by Adam Lynton
Leno FInally Gets his '63 Ford Falcon