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Published: Aug 04, 2012
Description: By now you all know who Dartz is. The Latvian (not Russian) automaker is known for its crazy expensive SUVs with ridiculous luxury options such as whale foreskin. Dartz doesn't spend its entire t...
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Description: What you're looking at here is a Ferrari F430 covered entirely in leather. For some inexplicable reason the Latvian automaker decided leather would look better on the exterior of the car than on ...
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Westly Burgos Aug 04, 2012
That's "net car scent" for ur garage. Actually not to bad, but I'll take paint please.
Justin Brest Aug 04, 2012
I'll say it again... I hate that I like this car! I never like shit like this lol
Michael Dunn Aug 04, 2012
I would never think of doing this to a car.
Joe Lamouk Aug 04, 2012
Looks good from that distance, but if you get closer... :(
Wyatt Gordon Aug 04, 2012
from here it just looks like matte black AKA underseal
Ben Bourdon Aug 04, 2012
I'd like to imagine that it makes leather squeaking sounds when it turns
Ferrari Italia Aug 04, 2012
How would you clean it?
Tim Preisinger Aug 04, 2012
Sucks in the rain too I would imagine
Steven Velez Aug 04, 2012
sucks on a hot day
John Jenkins Aug 04, 2012
honestly it looks kinda sweet
Westly Burgos Aug 04, 2012
I retract my last post... Looks bad up close.
Adam Gray Aug 04, 2012
It's black plastic wrap made to look like leather. Not real leather.
Jose Miguel Fernandez Aug 04, 2012
Its more of a show car because you can't really drive it outside without damaging the leather
Ben Bourdon Aug 04, 2012
Is it actually leather or just a wrap? Just seems like it would unbelievably difficult to cover it in leather, plus it would be heavier and the leather would be exposed to the elements all day
Description: This lime green Aston Martin DB9 by Mansory is bound to polarize opinion. Those who love lime green car wraps will love what Dartz has done here. Those who can't stand lime green car wraps will h...
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Brandon Willis Aug 10, 2013
I can't see
Sam Oglesby Aug 04, 2012
It looks awful would look so much better in british racing green
Matt Piccolo Aug 04, 2012
Take the green lip off the wheels and it's nice
Ben Bourdon Aug 04, 2012
I like that it's a matte green
Dillon Magee Aug 04, 2012
I like it, but idk if I could drive it.
Timothy Hooker Aug 04, 2012
this color sux. stick with Gunmetal
Nick Schnee Aug 04, 2012
I agree. Both like green and this car are awesome.
Tim Preisinger Aug 04, 2012
Can't believe I'm going to say this... But I think this looks....good.
Corey Mullis Aug 04, 2012
yeah those tail lights look awesome
Blake Shay Aug 04, 2012
Aw, it's the convertible? That sucks.
Description: Leave it to Dartz to wrap a Bugatti Veyron in red chrome. This automotive cry for attention was created at the company's vinyl wrapping headquarters in Cannes, France. Now a Bugatti Veyron wrappe...
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Alex Semaan Aug 04, 2012
i agree with patrick. this just looks horrible.
Extremis Colson Aug 04, 2012
the devils car?!
Patrick Schalk Aug 04, 2012
Looks so sick I wanna throw up everywhere because I dislike it that much
Matt Piccolo Aug 04, 2012
I think it looks sick
Ben Bourdon Aug 04, 2012
I wonder if the wrap would peel off at 250+mph....
Newarun Begum Aug 04, 2012
It making me blind!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mohamed Haque Aug 19, 2015
@Austin Jobes yeah
Austin Jobes Aug 04, 2012
wtf is up with the different colored rims??
Description: If you love Aston Martins but think that a lime green wrap is a little too much, then maybe you'll like this satin/matte red-wrapped DBS Volante. Dartz once again added a wrap to a Mansory cu...
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Wyatt Gordon Aug 04, 2012
lets have the tracksuit guys move away so we can see tthe car a bit better
Matt Piccolo Aug 04, 2012
I like the red better but I agree with brian, I think it would b better with smoked lights like the green one
Dale Schroeder Aug 04, 2012
This is definitely good. It's bright, but not obnoxiously so.
Lee Gardner Aug 04, 2012
Yeah red and black
Preston Harris Aug 04, 2012
I love cars in matte colors
John Jenkins Aug 04, 2012
I wish I did like that
Description: Here's hoping that this purple checkerboard Audi R8 is a one of a kind. Why Dartz decided to wrap the German supercar in a purple checkerboard pattern is beyond me. Just enjoy the ridiculousness.
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Justin ChalkChalk Smalyinator Aug 04, 2012
No picture for the app???
Colin Dzendolet Aug 04, 2012
you think even on an abomination like this, they'd at least match up the patterns on the different panels
Wyatt Gordon Aug 04, 2012
I personally love checkerboard stuff, but this be kind and say "unique"
Alexander Gomez Aug 04, 2012
Looks like a bad sweater you get at Christmas time from your grandmother.
Bijan Jahanpanah Aug 04, 2012
At least its a wrap
Matt Piccolo Aug 04, 2012
Why would u ruin such a nice car!!!!!!
David Pires-Ihsaan Aug 04, 2012
I like it. Also the gucci or fendi what wraps are terrible...
Dave Winn Aug 04, 2012
What a waste of a nice motor! :(
Patrick Schalk Aug 04, 2012
WTF? Way to ruin an R8
Matthew Share Aug 04, 2012
Is it just me or does that r8 looks like my graphics card died on me
David Pires-Ihsaan Aug 04, 2012
Not as appealing from here though..