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Published: Aug 04, 2012
Description: Cooking using conventional appliances is all well and good but sometimes you just need to wrap some food in foil and go for a drive. These videos prove that cooking using a car's engine is both s...
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Description: In the video, Barry of the YouTube cooking show "My Virgin Kitchen" walks you through how to prepare and cook a meat-heavy meal using only your wife's car. In addition to cooking with h...
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Brandon Carr Aug 05, 2012
@Justin easy now it was just a joke. Nobody is stopping u saying anything.
Justin Santinelli Aug 04, 2012
U didn't give anyone a chance to say anything u dumb ape
Brandon Carr Aug 04, 2012
Top gear America toughest truck challenge? ....anyone? No?... Ok...
Byakka Hirakawa Aug 04, 2012
That is under my bonet!!, lol
Description: This video from RecombuCars kicks things up a notch, showing up My Virgin Kitchen by cooking an entire three-course English meal using only the heat from the engine of a Corvette Grand Sport. Who woul...
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Wyatt Gordon Aug 04, 2012
Top gear UK? gordon Ramsay as the guest? where?
Description: This cheesy video from YouTube's "Gadget Guy" features two dishes pulled directly from the book "Manifold Destiny" by Bill Scheller and Chris Maynard. Against all odds and bad...
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Description: A boiling hot car is the enemy of babies and pets the world over, but it can be useful if you're trying to bake cookies. This video shows you how to bake an entire sheet of cookies using only the...
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Kyle Smith Aug 04, 2012
Holy chedda sauce this girl is da baws
Nick Schnee Aug 04, 2012
Love the random fact in the end.
Description: Have you ever wondered if your car could be used to cook a chili dog? If your answer is 'yes,' then you need to watch this video. Bachelors and frat boys are going to want to pay close atten...
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