Comments - Red Bull Racing Rips Through Jersey

Published: Aug 31, 2012
Description: F1 is gearing up for a long-overdue return to the United States, with a grand prix scheduled to take place this year in Texas and another scheduled for New Jersey next year. That is, assuming the orga...
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Greg Lewis Aug 31, 2012
I'd love to head to Texas! But a race in NJ is closer to PA so I may have to wait...
Garrett Frye Aug 31, 2012
I'm going to be at the race in Texas, so excited to see an F1 race in person
8cyl4thekill Aug 31, 2012
I still cant believe its actualy gonna happen. Come back to Detroit please haha
Freddie Ibarra Aug 31, 2012
Life does not sucks... Awesome video!
Bill Estep Jr Aug 31, 2012
Omg this gonna be so awesome I can't wait to see this
Description: Onlookers reportedly streamed out their homes to watch and hear the F1 car scream along the city streets and past the waterfront during the day, while at night the racer rocketed through the 1.5-mile ...
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Paul Pickard Sep 01, 2012
That was really cool. I wonder how much it cost redbull to shut down the Lincoln tunnel for this?
Greg Lewis Aug 31, 2012
He had to enjoy making that! The sounds revving through the tunnels is pure music to my ears!
Antonio Falsetti Aug 31, 2012
Can't wait. I'm working near the Freedom Tower.
Ben Norton Aug 31, 2012
That was incredible! Loved the beginning
William Downs Aug 31, 2012
That was a great video