Comments - Hammer Time with Chris Harris

Published: Aug 31, 2012
Description: Celebrating AMG's 40th birthday in style, Chris Harris goes on a tour of Mercedes' high-performance unit where is he is given the pick of the heritage stable. After perusing the lot at his l...
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Isaias Almanza Aug 31, 2012
"considered" Just saying....
John P Jerse Aug 31, 2012
With car facts??
John P Jerse Aug 31, 2012
What does that have to do with proof reading what you put out to the public? An extra fiver minutes can save save you a ton of lost credibility issues. If people think you are too lazy to proof read your own copy do you think they will trust you
John P Jerse Aug 31, 2012
Still haven't fixed the grammar issue.;)
Description: Converting W124 E-Class Mercs to pump out an additional 100 horsepower, the car was offered as a saloon, coupe and estate with a choice of 5.5-liter and 6.0-liter V8s, the latter serving up 381 horse...
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Carlton Salmon Sep 01, 2012
I'd almost forgotten how good these cars were...
darrellbell24 Sep 01, 2012
@karina have you tried the g63 amg.? I heard its better than the G55.if you are leasing your Benz, I would switch to the newer model. just my opinion
Karina Gabit Sep 01, 2012
I have G55 AMG, it's a wonderful car, best what I had. I even tried it on desert and it didn't let me dawn. I love that car
Carlton Salmon Sep 01, 2012
Still looks great after all these years - almost timeless.
darrellbell24 Aug 31, 2012
@simonette.... okay...because that doesn't scream "scam " to us
Ryan Spencer Aug 31, 2012
It has a "no funny business" attitude about it. Awesome.
John P Jerse Aug 31, 2012
That car was the shit when it came out. If I remember it was rather pricy too
Alex Vasquez Aug 31, 2012
Pretty sexy for its year, I always thought these were horrible till now!
Oleg Odessit Aug 31, 2012
This is the best ever)
Lou Guerrero Aug 31, 2012
This isn't the car Chris drove. The rear arches aren't flared like the one in the video.
Paul Dickey Aug 31, 2012
I'm really diggin this car.
Douglas Goncalves Aug 31, 2012
Agreed on both accounts.
darrellbell24 Aug 31, 2012
Even by today's standards....this is still really nice, compared to other old cars...
Hiroshi Takagi Sep 01, 2012
@Redge Na man wish it was mine:(
Ryan Spencer Aug 31, 2012
Coupe, or 4 door? I'm kinda leaning 4 door...
Abraham Mendoza Aug 31, 2012
This is so badass.
Redge Diakité Aug 31, 2012
@Hiroshi Is it your Ferrari 599 GTO? :D
Hiroshi Takagi Aug 31, 2012
My dad used to have SEC 560 AMG 6.0 wide ver 89'...He was the first one to import AMG to Japan...My brother and dad say it was amazing!!
Tobias Mersinger Aug 31, 2012
I freakin love this car! A true german tank! Don't like the rims though...