Comments - Can you Drift the Ferrari FF?

Published: Aug 31, 2012
Description: Most Ferraris would make for some epic drifting - particularly the front-engined models - but as the first Prancing Horse with all-wheel drive, the FF might not seem like the ideal drift machine. That...
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Michael Davidson Sep 01, 2012
Take that somewhere else please.
Description: Sutcliffe thinks he can get the FF to drift, and after turning off the traction control and messing with the settings he does his utmost to get the Prancing Horse smoking and sideways. Watch the video...
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Jetnor Gjikokaj Sep 02, 2012
Yeah, let me drive one and i'll show you! :P
Zaire Wilkins Sep 01, 2012
yupp it goes RWD after 5th gear and this car has 2 transmissions
Walker Carroll Sep 01, 2012
Yes the FF disengages its AWD in 5th
Alex Vasquez Sep 01, 2012
Wow!!! That's a beautiful stallion.
Timothy Hooker Aug 31, 2012
def not an ideal drift car
Yasser Zahabi Aug 31, 2012
Forgive me if I'm Wrong .. But doesn't the FF disengage it's 4wd on 5 gear ??
Babak Ghassemi Aug 31, 2012
Rubbish music...
Kevin Carlin Aug 31, 2012
That's not drifting that's powersliding. RWD drifts. AWD powerslides.
Moe Sargi Aug 31, 2012
Not really great drifting. Lets see some figure eights and will talk
Ghee Buttersnaps Aug 31, 2012
Somebody get this man a shopping trolley already!
Andy Kleschick Sep 02, 2012
well, lets remember that probably half the reason any ferrari is bought is because it is badged as a ferrari. Heritage my friends
Andy Kleschick Sep 01, 2012
I don't think it matters what it looks like though, because I think anyone on here would take the FF the way it looks, rather than say a toyota if it looked this way. While sure, we would take different ferraris over it, if given the choice between a supercar and a regular old toyota that looks like this, I think we can all agree the FF would be taken.
Thibault Leroy Aug 31, 2012
I love the front but they screwed up the back just like the F12
John Francis Aug 31, 2012
I was cruising around aimlessly with a buddy of mine and we ended up going through a rich town. Parked on the street was a silver FF and it looked really nice. I'm FAR from a Ferrari person but they do know how to make a car with striking presence.
Jordan Jackson Aug 31, 2012
It's grinning like an idiot! Lol
Brandon Lidy Aug 31, 2012
You would be too if you weighed two tons and looked that good
Nick Ricci Aug 31, 2012
That grille just screams "happier than a Mazda" haha
Tyler Wallace Feb 27, 2013
I love that ass
John Jenkins Sep 01, 2012
best back end in the biz!