Comments - Suzuki Releases Updated Grand Vitara

Published: Aug 30, 2012
Description: Some of us may be too young to remember, but back in the day before every automaker was in the compact SUV game, Suzuki was a pioneer. When it launched the Escudo in 1988, it stood as the world's...
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Graham Browne Aug 30, 2012
Best facelift ever!
Description: A new grille caps a sturdier-looking bumper made from Suzuki Super Polypropylene (SSPP). The plastic is not only 10 percent lighter than other resins, it was also found by Suzuki's designers to b...
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Chris Gaines Aug 30, 2012
haha gobbledygook
Benjamin McCormick Aug 31, 2012
The tiny information screens are so...tiny. But, that circular one is oddly appealing.