Comments - Lexus Reveals GS 350 F Sport Safety Car

Published: Aug 30, 2012
Description: A long-standing partnership between the Sydney Motorsport Park and Lexus Australia has resulted in track officials being granted a specially-equipped GS 350 F Sport to act as safety car. Glenn Matthew...
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Description: A permanent resident at the track, the F Sport edition will act as the safety car for a variety of races this season, starting with the 2012 Muscle Car Classic on September 1. The GS 350 comes with a ...
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RicVilla Sep 01, 2012
"F sport" is simply aesthetics, to include suspension, rims and body kit at most. Dealers offer an array of "F-sport" parts if one where interested, ie exhaust, brake kits etc. It is not a true "F" like the IS. Just like BMW has "m sport" accessories for their vehicles not making them true a "M" Hopefully Lexus can produce this rumored GS F (not sport) to bring up their F cred a bit...
Zaire Wilkins Aug 31, 2012
lexus has a performance department on the rise i think its called TMG
Bala Uncc Aug 31, 2012
Lexus F is not same as BMW M or merc AMG. Lexus rx350 F is actually slower that normal rx350 Lexus just makes some cosmetic changes and cells it as F ( except IS)
Zaire Wilkins Aug 31, 2012
lexus has F merc has AMG bmw has M infiniti has IPL acura issss _____
Dillon Magee Aug 31, 2012
I would say the is f is the baddest, but that could be just me.
Bala Uncc Aug 30, 2012
Misuse of their F type, this is what sets M and AMG special.
John Jenkins Aug 30, 2012
is-f actually has an engine though. >> gsf
darrellbell24 Aug 30, 2012
Forza definitely need to let us put more variations of upgrades on the cars
Zaire Wilkins Aug 30, 2012
im suprised they put this car in forza maybe they read one of my emails and im suprised this car came in AWD that means in forza 5 lexuses can go back to being AWD cause the IS-F is twitchy
Zaire Wilkins Aug 30, 2012
true but forza should give some cars more gadgets like that thing ontop of the car
darrellbell24 Aug 30, 2012
this looks like a picture straight out of Forza 4