Comments - Gumpert Files for Bankruptcy

Published: Aug 30, 2012
Description: These are tough times for niche automakers in Germany, with the small-time producers of some of our favorite sportscars going bankrupt. Just last week we reported on Melkus going belly-up, and last mo...
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supra_mkiv Aug 31, 2012
Never liked this model sports car but it ain't bad. Just not my style.
Corey Mullis Aug 30, 2012
WTF?! If Saab got ten chances Gumpert deserves another. maybe VW is the answer, i just don't want it to die before i am a rich ass who buys this kinda stuff
Wmg Chinchilla Aug 30, 2012
I guess the top 1% doesn't know how to proper spend their money
Thibault Leroy Aug 30, 2012
Man i love the way these look function over form is the way to go i really hope VW would buy Gumpert
Wyatt Gordon Aug 30, 2012
these things were as ugly as a hairy boil on a baboon's butt, but its still kind of sad to see them go
Dillon Magee Aug 30, 2012
That's depressing.
Matthew Malyapa Aug 30, 2012
Nooooo i was really looking forward to their new torante! it actually looked good!
Malachi Monteiro Aug 30, 2012
Damn, I actually liked Gumpert design
Abraham Mendoza Aug 30, 2012
Damn, that's sad to hear. Hopefully someone picks them up like Spyker did with SAAB. I'm crossing fingers for you Volkswagen.
Jason Brower Aug 30, 2012
Nooooo! This is truly a sad day in auto history. I always thought the Apollo was second only to the zonda in allowing function to define form in a truly stunning way. You'll be greatly missed gumpert.
John Serely Aug 30, 2012
NO!! The apollo was one, if not my favorite, supercars. Some people find them ugly, but I think they are stunning. If saw one in real life, freak out, they are super aggressive, and a true "racecar for the street"
Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen Aug 30, 2012
Aw. I love the apollo. Why dont VW buy them so they can continiue on living!?
Matt Sutton Aug 30, 2012
I rode in one at the race track here in jersey while i was working there. I loved it. i think it looks awesome. Best thing was that there were only 2 at the time and you could tell it wasnt babied and trailered. He drove the hell out of it.
David Pires-Ihsaan Aug 30, 2012
Sad to see it go...
Brian Micinski Aug 30, 2012
Not very surprised. They only make one car and that one car Gets very mixed opinions. If your not a diverse company with only one car who most people look at and go meh. You likely won't last long. It's sad but whatcha gonna do
Garrett Frye Aug 30, 2012
One of my favorite cars since I first saw it. Sometimes I think way too many people take Top Gear's judgements on cars as the final say on a car's design merits
Garrett Frye Aug 30, 2012
I actually exclaimed NO! When I saw this article. I love gumpert's cars. I've never quite understood why everyone thinks they're "homely, ugly, etc." I think they're a triumph of function over form resulting in a very aggressive design that's been...
Yatish Wentink Aug 30, 2012
pretty shit, Gumpert is awesome
Zach Sullivan Aug 30, 2012
same here Paul this is a shame
Paul Dickey Aug 30, 2012
This sucks. Favorite boutique car maker.
Matt Piccolo Aug 30, 2012
Noooo, I didn't really car about those other two but I love the Appalo
Carlos Gallego Rodriguez Aug 30, 2012
Noooo!,!,! Could anyone name all the brands that has close down since the star of the crisis??
Dale Schroeder Aug 30, 2012
This is definitely a rough time to be a specialty carmaker in Europe.
Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen Aug 30, 2012
They kinda do Andrew. But the RX-8 is a good car so im guessing its good.
Andrew Hossann Aug 30, 2012
I think apollos look like beefed up rx-8s but that's a good thing
William Downs Aug 30, 2012
What make your correction of his fail at correcting her even better... The word is on the car spelled exactly like she spelled it, u failed my friend, poor gumpert u may not be everyones cup of tea in looks but damn what a track car
Tyson Broadbent Aug 30, 2012
Think before posting Erich. Caprisun is owned by a German firm. Sold as "Capri Sonne" in Deutschland.
Tara Fitria Aug 30, 2012
Capri-sonne I used to drink those, sometimes still do!
Chris Frate Aug 30, 2012
Now I'm left with just Lamborghini and koenigsegg
Matt Piccolo Aug 30, 2012
I think they look awesome, sad to see the brand go :(
Chris Marshall Ernst Aug 30, 2012
I always thought these looked good in an industrial sort of way. Too bad.
Description: The twin-turbo 4.2-liter V8 that powers the Apollo and sourced from the founder's contacts at Audi is offered in three states of tune, all the way up to 800 metric horsepower, but even in the ba...
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Christian De Prisco Aug 31, 2012
It's always the Chinese fault
Jacob Viiper McCord Aug 31, 2012
Well of course, You're not gonna get alot of sales in China...
omarSV Aug 30, 2012
what a shame, i love the appollo, its is a proper beast.
Chris Penza Aug 30, 2012
I'm definitely gonna miss this company. I always loved the Apollo
Matt Piccolo Aug 30, 2012
Ahah I'd do that too :)
James Deen Stevenson Aug 30, 2012
One of my favorite super cars of all time. Maybe they could send me one and I'll publicize it for them by driving it around.
rowhan116 Oct 12, 2012
this car is awesome
Mark Donnelly Aug 31, 2012
did they ever prove that this car can drive upside down or is that still a theory?
supra_mkiv Aug 31, 2012
Na it's a party hat
Daniel Levy Aug 30, 2012
Darn guess I shouldnt comment that I thoughy it was a rocket launcher...
Colby Church Aug 30, 2012
Well if you guys think it looks dated, then I think this car ages like fine wine, because it looks amazing. Instant classic.
Wyatt Gordon Aug 30, 2012
I have to say, I agree with Jason. and the roof scoop looks like the roof has a boner
Shelby Cassandra Aug 30, 2012
Looks like it has a Mohawk.
Alex Renaud Aug 30, 2012
That is quite the antenna on the roof. Wow.
Abraham Mendoza Aug 30, 2012
Everything about it looks so badass. Even that roof scoop.
Christopher LikeaBoss Reber Aug 30, 2012
Nooooo. This was my favorite supercar
Tanner Middleton Aug 30, 2012
fukin love these they were my fav car back when they first came out. its like an mefourtwelve but more areodynamic and awesome
Hemmo Karja Aug 30, 2012
Absolutely love the apollo
Matt Piccolo Aug 30, 2012
These look bad ass!
Alan So Aug 30, 2012
Yeah, they just got to make this.....
Chris Friend Aug 30, 2012
Really depressing. I really hope Gumpert manages to stay afloat because the Apollo is insane and the Torante is beautiful
Brady Fereday Sep 01, 2012
Christian it can be like the pagani hyuria or however you spell it that car was modeled to have down force without a spoiler maybe they did that with this
Christian De Prisco Aug 31, 2012
But I think it needs a spoiler for that, even though I honestly like it this way, not a fan of spoilers, they usually spoil the good looks of cars
Christian De Prisco Aug 31, 2012
Tornante is Italian for U-turn I guess handling is the car's focus
Alan So Aug 30, 2012
Should have made this sooner
Thibault Leroy Aug 30, 2012
@wyatt yeah i see it
Wyatt Gordon Aug 30, 2012
the taillamps remind me of the 25th anniversary Countach
Abraham Mendoza Aug 30, 2012
Me thinks it looks pretty cool.
William Downs Aug 30, 2012
Never mind phone got stupid and blocked the back, see the name now
William Downs Aug 30, 2012
Wtf is that, the concept for the Apollo or that new at they were talking about? Anyone know
Dillon Dixon Aug 30, 2012
The back could use work, but the side looks fantastic!
Tara Fitria Aug 30, 2012
Apollo looks better than this!