Comments - Fisker Karma Gathering is World's Biggest Fire Hazard

Published: Aug 30, 2012
Description: Fisker Automotive is celebrating the delivery of the first 100 units of its extended-range luxury electric car with a huge convoy at its headquarters in Anaheim, California. Given the nasty habit the ...
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Denys Lukiyanchuk Dec 19, 2012
That karma for ya
John P Jerse Aug 30, 2012
Better have a fire truck on hand.
Vince Cassi Aug 31, 2012
Because Fisker is a luxury brand. Do you see any Merc E Class's driving around in purple chrome? That's what I thought.
Zaire Wilkins Aug 30, 2012
lol cause they are so basic and that rental car companies mostly have black white gray metallic
Thibault Leroy Aug 30, 2012
Wow everytime i see this car it reminds me of justin beiber :/
Zaire Wilkins Aug 30, 2012
ive seen one of these on queens Blvd
canon4487 Aug 30, 2012
why all the rental car colors??
Chris Gaines Aug 30, 2012
well played my friend, well played...
Douglas Molina Aug 30, 2012
Lol now I understand why ellen gave Justin bieber a fisker karma
Kyle Rawn Aug 30, 2012
That would be an impressive fireball 0.o
Eddie Nash Aug 30, 2012
Not gonna lie... That is kind if a scary sight. Lol
Charlie Austin Aug 30, 2012
Lmfao might as well burn down the EPA
Rockesh Boulder Aug 30, 2012
Something Jeremy Clarkson would do, set one on fire and watch the chain reaction
Description: The event began in Irvine at a Fisker showroom before 28 Karmas drove caravan-style up the scenic Pacific Coast Highway to the automaker's design studios. "This is the first formal Fisker ow...
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Thibault Leroy Aug 30, 2012
Hybrids and electric cars always have aoit of torque
Zaire Wilkins Aug 30, 2012
i always thought this cars was prius weak but nvm
Brandon Metzger Aug 30, 2012
Wow that's some torque
Steven McGovern Sep 01, 2012
Front is hideous and worse in person
Thibault Leroy Aug 31, 2012
Yeah but it works cause its a merc but on a karma? Idk its too smooth too friendly
John Serely Aug 30, 2012
@thinault not all of Mercedes cars that have the amg v12 are aggressive, like the Cl65
Thibault Leroy Aug 30, 2012
@Jake its not agressive enough to have an AMG V12
Paul Dickey Aug 30, 2012
I love the look of this car.
Jake Marra Aug 30, 2012
Just imagine if it was opposite of what it really a bi turbo AMG V12 it would be even better imo but that defeats the purpose of this car i guess
John Serely Aug 30, 2012
Fire hazard or not, they are stunning cars
Denys Lukiyanchuk Dec 19, 2012
Fuck it somebody put a mclaren v8 in there
Aaron Crisp Aug 30, 2012
Just kidding of course!
Aaron Crisp Aug 30, 2012
8.4 liter V10 Viper engine should do fine...
Ghee Buttersnaps Aug 30, 2012
Would a big v8 or w12 fit in there? The 4.4 from the current m5 might work.
John Serely Aug 30, 2012
I'd be fine with a 3.0 I6 from BMW, but the 5.5 V8 amg v8 would go well in this too. I think a hemi or ls7 would be great, but doesn't go with the car
Adam Mitchel Aug 30, 2012
Stunning.. Just stunning
Patrick Schalk Aug 30, 2012
I'll take an LS7 or 392 Hemi in mine please.
Patrick Schalk Aug 30, 2012
Just needs a real engine.
Edgar Hernandez Aug 30, 2012
Wouldn't really call it a rocket...
Dale Schroeder Aug 31, 2012
It must be really weird seeing a huge line of cars go past and not hearing any sound at all coming from them.
Christian De Prisco Sep 01, 2012
The rabbit teeth in the grill make it ugly
statusone Aug 31, 2012
how boring is it to drive many many miles to look at cars that are exactly like your car? lol i do NOT get why people do this
Abraham Mendoza Aug 30, 2012
I feel bad for those other cars caught in the blast radius.
Klay Owens Aug 30, 2012
I just imagine the the dark side music from star wars playing...
uptown Aug 30, 2012
That's a whole lot of bad Karma