Comments - Ferrari Planning 458 Monte Carlo with 620 hp?

Published: Aug 30, 2012
Description: It never fails: whenever Ferrari introduces a new model, people begin speculating on a more hardcore version. Ferrari, of course, is hesitant to comment on the prospect, eager instead to showcase what...
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Zachary Maurer Aug 31, 2012
@erich, your full of yourself -__-
Wyatt Gordon Aug 30, 2012
Ferrari, PLEASE make a 458 Scuderia, for the love of god please do it! but dont change the body at all, just up the power and make it lighter
Eric Anthony Aug 30, 2012
Tha 78 Monte Carlo SS was badass. & not ugly at all
Dillon Magee Aug 30, 2012
I agree with Khalid, it should be 458 scuderia.
Scott Williams Aug 30, 2012
If it has the name Ferrari in front of it, I really doesn't matter.
Zachary Maurer Aug 30, 2012
@erich, your a cool cat arnt you?
Khalid Alqaed Aug 30, 2012
Ferrari 458 scuderia?
John Serely Aug 30, 2012
Haha patrick. I agree with everyone doesnt like the name
Patrick Schalk Aug 30, 2012
Erich you must be a badass then.
Zachary Maurer Aug 30, 2012
Really? When I think of a monte Carlo, I think of a redneck in NASCAR saying "ya the home depot monte Carlo ss did really well but we just couldn't pull out the win today"
David Pires-Ihsaan Aug 30, 2012
It was ass.... Dont delude yourself...
uptown Aug 30, 2012
Woah there fardin I wouldn't call the supercharged one terrible. For its time anyway.
Description: A Dutch visitor at the harrowed halls of Ferrari HQ in Maranello recently tweeted that he overheard discussions of the hardcore 458 getting the name Monte Carlo and packing as much as 620 horsepower. ...
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Wyatt Gordon Aug 30, 2012
please Ferrari, 750 Hp! If they do that (which wouldn't be very hard), and make it lighter, the Aventador will be eating it's dust, which Ferrari would get massive brownie points for
Ghee Buttersnaps Aug 30, 2012
I bet they could do it. Correct me if I'm wrong, but oesn't the Oakley 458 make 620 with just ECU, exhaust, and intake mods? If those guys can pull it of, Ferrari engineers certainly can
Joe Lamouk Aug 30, 2012
That thing is basically equipped with an Indy racecar engine limited to 10 or 10.5 K Rpm (instead of 12 or 12.5 K) and like all racecar engines, it's unreliable as hell. The T1 even bursted into flames several times on TV shows like Top / Fifth Gear
Andrew Morales Aug 30, 2012 3.8 liter... 610hp.
Joe Lamouk Aug 30, 2012
More power is almost impossible without increasing the size of the cylinders.
Joe Lamouk Aug 30, 2012
Yeah but those small engines are turbocharged. Adding a turbocharger is the easy way to increase an engine's hp per liter ratio, but the 458 is like a Honda S2000 : naturally aspirated. Both already have a 120+ hp / L ratio, so getting even ...
Andrew Morales Aug 30, 2012
Um, there are Mitsubishi 2.0 four pots putting out 500+ hp.. I don't think 620 will be unrealistic for that motor
Joe Lamouk Aug 30, 2012
Not sure if they can pull out 600+ hp from that engine. 570 hp from a 4.5 liter V8 is equal to a 126 hp / L ratio, the best ratio out there with the 500 hp flat six you can find in the GT3 RS 4.0. Maybe they'll have to increase it's volumetry...
Domi Bsaibes Aug 30, 2012
I'd say they get about 40 hp increase if they recalibrate the ecu, upgrade the exhaust. In the end, these are FERRARI engineers and not some random so called *tuning firms*
Cody Fullerton Aug 30, 2012
Totally stole the name from Chevy :)
Joe Lamouk Aug 30, 2012
The F430 Scuderia was 100 Kg lighter than the original model, so if they remove the same weight from the 458, an increase of (only) 20 hp is more than enough. Handling is more important than raw power.
Dennis Choong Aug 30, 2012
The F70's engine is based on the F12's 6.3L V12... and the rumoured 900hp is with KERS. I'm guessing the 458 Monte Carlo or whatever it's called will be closer to 600hp
Michael Davidson Aug 30, 2012
Yeah, but this is a v8.
David Pires-Ihsaan Aug 30, 2012
The f70 has a 900hp N/A 7.0l V12...
Austin Jobes Aug 30, 2012
the 458 doesnt have 458 horsepower.
Jesse Andersen Aug 30, 2012
620-458= about 60. Nice.
Dennis Choong Aug 30, 2012
I doubt it'll be a 60hp increase. It won't be easy extracting this much power from a NA engine that already revv to 9000rpm
Description: Along with it we could expect the car to be lightened up thanks to a stripped-out interior and other parts, together with a tighter suspension and possibly upgraded brakes to keep it all in check. The...
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Kevin Haeberle Aug 31, 2012
I wish the price of these would come down. Seems like they have been in the 130-150k range for a long time.
Kevin Haeberle Aug 31, 2012
Still one of my favorite Ferraris
Thibault Leroy Aug 30, 2012
This looks way better than the 360 but the 458 looks better than the 430 imo but i still love the 430
Russell Aug 30, 2012
If its headlights were like the 458 it would perfect the car
Chris Penza Aug 30, 2012
This is from the windows 7 Ferrari theme
Ty Piper Aug 30, 2012
this looks more... FERRARI to me, the Italia looks more.... SEX!!!!
Bennie Andthe Jets Aug 30, 2012
Funny cause my first thought when seeing this was Jeremy Clarkson calling it hideous with its tiny headlights and gaping air ducts. The 458 looks soo much better though!
Thibault Leroy Aug 30, 2012
Yeah looks way better in cf
canon4487 Aug 30, 2012
its ferrari.. im pretty sure they could get by the issue of cracking paint on parts that flex..
David Guerrero Aug 30, 2012
Erich, because they bend so much paint will crack, plus some ppl (me) like the carbon fiber look
Mike Ulickey Aug 30, 2012
This car is so amazing!!
David Pires-Ihsaan Aug 30, 2012
What an evolution!
Dillon Dixon Aug 30, 2012
The only Ferrari I actually like. This car is gorgeous!
West Walker Aug 30, 2012
Very few things compare to the thrill of being amongst the greatest drivers at monaco